3/55: Recap of To-DAY & What Is Truly At Play As Sovereign Rulers Of Our Cells

Wow, it’s 12:12pm on a day when I set myself up for success by recording the message I wanted to share with you via video last night, despite being tired and spent from a jam-packed day.

The PIWU Lawfully Organized Summit from yesterday is being uploaded right now and once it’s ready I would highly recommend watching it and also writing down your questions, comments, uncertainties and whatever else comes up for you when you do. We can address them on the next meeting Thursday at 4pm EST.

It felt like a lot to process after it was over, but I powered through making supper and then read Saint Germain Chapters 3-6 aloud as part of the Thursday Night Book Club where I read the works I believe you would be well served to be familiar with, as I’m doing with my top picks to ensure you can listen along and enlighten yourself.

And then there was the video I recorded after 11pm when I was still sat on the couch editing and doing my best to get up the Summit quickly but then felt inspired to record this message which became the message I wanted to share today as part of the 55 Days to Become a PEACEFULL INNER Warrior United With a SPECIAL Practice series! You can watch it here.

Glad to be able to speak up the way I am, while I can, in hopes it will help inspire others to stand strong now too so we maintain our rights and freedom to actually do so!

Law’d knows we need it!

Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. Law’d and Lord are connected in a way I’ll share tomorrow that is significant and worth considering! Stay tuned!

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