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ALBUM 22.2

The purpose of this project is to heal the child within the artists and creators using our voices and influence to bring PEACE and harmony to the hearts, minds and souls of those impacted by  Album 22 or our current project (Album22.2).

Monthly meetings (on the 22nd of each month at 12pm EST – see MeetUp Calendar) are a chance for artists to consciously connect in common unity with other influencers making a positive mark on the world and who desire to connect to other rising stars in the Independent Artist industry.

Participating artists must offer a workshop or video (up to 10minute) sharing the trade secret you wish you could share with  the 11 year old inside of you and others too! Videos can be sent to and may be used as promo material for Album 22.2 so once submitted they are in the public domain and accessible to all.

“As we lift each other we are lifted.”

– Jared Wade

Album 22 (LISTEN HERE) features 22 songs by independent artists around the world.

The Sacred Sojourn of the Soul was Album 22’s theme and now ‘Healing the Child Within’ is our focus for Album 22.2. So you’ll be able to go on a journey with the artists involved as you go through your own sacred sojourn of evolution. We will be holding an Album22 ORIGINALS AWARDS CEREMONY on May 30 which is also the deadline for submissions for Album 22.2.

To get to know some of the artists involved with A22+ check out the interviews below with some of our ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS!!!

Jared Wade of is the executive producer who will feature all Album contributions submitted, as well as link to the Album22+ Playlist.

Laura JeH is the project manager responsible for hosting monthly meetings, interviewing contributors and guiding soulful seekers through the transformation of self-image as individuals and as members of a great group!

Album22 ORIGINAL Rimini of is also leading interested artists through a recoding process to overcome blocks and restrictions to stand fully in possibility instead of restriction.

Each artist will receive free PR opportunities, collaborative marketing initiatives to cross promote one another and have a chance to share a trade secret or top tip that you learned the hard way along your music journey/career.

You’ll get to hear the best insights other artists have discovered too and have your song featured on A22’s expanding playlist, prepared by Album22 ORIGINAL Ginine Emily!

“Self-Image, Self-Worth & Self-Respect Compound In Common Unity!”

– LauraJeH        

Founder of PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Assembly

The playlist will feature artists who:

Contribute a skill or secret other artists can benefit from learning in a specialized workshop or video (up to 10min) geared to the child/artist within. Workshop or trade secret video submissions can be sent to; we’ll bring a few together and post them to our Album 22 YouTube Playlist channel.


Songs need to be uplifting and encouraging in nature, ideally in a healing frequency, rhythm and melody.


Attend at least one monthly meeting or workshop so we have a chance to get to know who is involved in this project


Exclusively released material is not required but Album22 was the inspiration for several new creative babies and that’s why we’re offering workshops – to raise our own vibes so we can consciously create even higher vibing music for a world in desperate need of it!!!


Not all submissions will be selected but (approved) songs will be made available on the streaming album/playlist, as a complimentary song on or both


Honesty, authenticity and vulnerability are the most important things in this presentation of your music. Submissions should be about healing, your journey of healing or inspired by the Spirit of building others through their obstacles of life


Are open to collaborative relationships with other independent artists when both parties express interest; this is a great networking opportunity


Join our private telegram group so we can have conscious music related discussions and stay connected about this project and what comes from it beyond this too:

album 22+
Come on a journey to transform your own energetic signature so that the music you release with Album22.2 is at a higher vibe than anything we’ve ever experienced before!

You may be an independent artist making moves and waves in your community but together we can make waves around the global community we share.

I’ve got an exciting guidance program launching with 2022 so sign up to be part of it!

Check it out here & Join us!!!

As the creative mama to Album 22, I got to sit down and chat with several of the artists involved so you can get to know the original artists behind the music.

Enjoy this intimate time with each contributor and yours truly (Laura JeH)