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Breaking Down Bullying SUMMIT @ 4pm EST + FULL problems

So my computer is a bit full.

I keep clearing files out and then record more calls and videos so it doesn’t take long to be back too full again.

Life is a lot like that too.

We make room or space in our day and it gets filled, by something. The more intentional we are, the more meaningful those replacements are likely to be.

The Universe works like a vacuum where every empty space will get filled eventually, by something, it’s just our responsibility to make sure the things we let our life, computer and everything else get full of be worthwhile place holders.

Yesterday I wrote a blog I hadn’t yet sent, nor apparently saved, because I expected to just publish it. It disappeared when my full computer locked up and had to be reset.

Yesterday I also put together most of the presentation for this afternoon’s “Breaking Down Bullying” SUMMIT Style Call at 4pm EST and evidently hadn’t saved that before my full computer restarted and it too was lost.

I could have been angry and upset by the loss of these efforts but instead I just started this blog instead and will be remaking the presentation as best as I can. No sleep or energy lost for the loss, just another great reminder that regularly saving the great works we do as we go along is a gift to us and those who will be blessed by creative insights later. Sometimes losing something we thought was good was actually a good thing to lose; trusting can a task in itself!

The two Album 22.2 monthly meetings yesterday that took place have now been uploaded and can be accessed here. Next Monthly Meeting will be April 22 at 12pm EST so save the date and time and we’ll see you there. With enough expressed interest we may also create an additional time slot to connect that day too.

The link to join the significant conversation we’ll be having today at 4pm EST on “Breaking Down Bullying” can be found on meetup as usual.

Your Time, Energy, Effort, Attention & Money are your TEEAM players so be sure to deploy your energetic resources wisely!

And if you find your life, computer, or anything else too full and no longer functioning well, dare to create the space for something better by letting go of what no longer serves you. And if things are taken away from you just remember that your plan and the Divine’s plan for you are not on the same timeline.

Join the call this afternoon and remember just how significant you are in the scheme of things! Even if you don’t feel important to the world, just remember that to someone you mean the world to them.

Remember that and surround yourself with those who value who you are and how you show up in this world.

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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