Day 22: Cues From The Cosmic Kitchen…

The Summit was amazing and I’ve finally finished editing it after a couple views!!! Go me!

I say jokingly but not because editing videos (especially long ones) is not for the faint of heart (or patience) and also because a cheer squad of one means more than a million if you’re the one genuinely and lovingly rooting for yourself!

Having re-listened to it twice in the editing process since last night already, I am excited beyond measure to share what transpired because in my heart of hearts I know it has the potential to really help someone!

It’s an hour and fifty minutes in length so it has failed to upload a few times now… sighs.

It dawned on me that due to the length maybe it would be more sensible to break it into 3 parts and just separate the Summit into a few shorter chunks labelled and uploaded in order.

I decided to focus on writing this message to you as that realization came to me because when we experience obstacles, we have to wonder whether the Universe is trying to lead us another way or whether our commitment is being tested. Both are building muscles of endurance and resilience which are required life skills!

We also have to know that the Universe likes to put pressure on us to help us become the diamonds we have the potential to be, and with all the Rainbow Diamond codes and activation messages I’ve been coming across in recent days I’m sure I’ll be sharing some more information on all of that soon, but for today it’s about shifting our perspective.

It’s about understanding that we are all maneuvering the emotional highrise of our own awareness and we have to become well acquainted with each emotion so that it no longer frightens us.

It’s about recognizing that, as Abraham-Hicks teaches, everything is in your Vortex of creation and downstream effort is the fastest way to it.

Think of your Vortex as the Universal kitchen that you are constantly placing orders from. If you place your order with certainty you are likely to get what you  ordered. But if you place your order and then call the waitress back repeatedly, what will come from the kitchen will be more questionable because confusion begets mistakes.

Think of life like a restaurant with unlimited options available that we must choose what we want to order and experience once received. And remember too that while our outer circumstances may show up different than expected, we get to choose our response to them and that places the power firmly back with us!

Think of that little hurting child inside of you who is running a program of unworthiness and is constantly whispering to the waitress before she gets back to the kitchen, hoping she will mess up your order so you can have a pity party together. Because as messed up as it may sound, negative attention is still attention and to a child, something often seems better than nothing until it gets too painful and they don’t know who they can trust to talk about it with anymore.

We are all grown up versions of the children of our past that are are now called to reintegrate those lost, trapped and forgotten aspects of ourselves as Tim Wheatley and I discuss in the INNER Child PEACE Summit.

The next will be on the 3rd Thursday of the November from 4-6pm EST again. We will change the meeting time in December but make this a reoccurring event every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month as a way to build community, gain access to spiritual tools, teachers and teachings, and dive deep into our INNER Kingdoms to call ourselves back to wholeness.

It’s a process and getting to this place has taken me on some interesting journeys as I’m sure yours has too.

We all have a story and the important thing right now is to be finding commonalities and similarities in our B.S. (Belief Systems) rather than focusing so hard on our differences and the things that would have us teach our children to hate a perfect stranger or a loved one when they go too far off the familiar path.

Got Part One of the Summit chopped and uploaded before my shift this afternoon so I hope you’ll check it out and share with a friend who could use the support!

I posted a video of my friend Brian and I having some fun on a call post-Summit where we each share our perspectives of a time when I could have gave up on him and abandoned him in Vegas but didn’t. Check that out here and check back for Part Two & Three of the Summit to be posted soon!

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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