Day 30: The Illusion of Safety & The Power of Storytelling

Internalized Patriarchy requires we doubt ourselves, our perspective and our worth.

It is what modern culture is based on and what I just heard as I listen to an interview Elizabeth Lesser did on Sounds True. Click here to access the Podcast.

She shares that many women suffer from imposture syndrome on an unconscious level due to the myth of many historical women coming second but sinning first, such as the Bible’s account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and with the myth of Pandora who opened the box and doomed HuEmanity.

In the interview I did with Michael Seegers on “The ABCs of Spirituality: Addiction, Belief and Chemistry” he shared that my training to access the Akashic Records is not the Akashic Records the Ascended Masters describe because El Moyra advocates against opening them, like Pandora’s Box, for threat of unburdening Karma the Soul may not be able to bear. This is connected to the astral and etheric planes our Souls have access to and must understand if we are to travel care-fully (I will share more as I have more in-sight).

And therein lies the message I want to share today as a woman who sees what could be our fate if we keep giving our power to ‘the man’ who cares more about himself and his own than anything else.

Safety has become a code word for care in our culture but that is sick. Here’s why.

None of us make it safely out of life alive and yet so many people are stuck in such a deep rut of unworthiness they are already dead they just haven’t made it official. And that is what insecurity does to us.

Insecurity is not feeling safe within ourselves which leads us to seek security in the outside world that can be taken away if we don’t look after it and therefore must protect, defend and fight for the ideas that make us feel safe. There is grave danger in doing so because the externalization of power leaves us empty inside.

Part of the propaganda that has been manipulating us as a people since the Plandemic began has been focused on safety as the solution, and in the process of making things look safe things have actually got quite dangerous. And if we don’t wake up to the little man behind the curtain pretending to be ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and then wake up others who have more layers of conditioning to unravel, we risk our freedom for the illusion of it.

Elizabeth titled her book after Cassandra who was a beautiful Goddess all the men wanted for their own but she had no desire to marry and so despite the appeals of her suitors she declined changing her identity to become a wife. Zeus’ son Apollo was one such suitor who gave her the gift of clairvoyance as a means to sleep with her but when she wouldn’t, he spat in her mouth and cursed her with ‘the gift’ no one else but her could see or believe. She saw the Trojan War before it came and warned her people not to go to war but they wouldn’t listen. She saw her family and everyone she knew killed ahead of time, even warning of the soldiers in the Trojan Horse, but it was of no use because they wouldn’t believe her. In the end she was drove mad as Apollo had hoped. Bastard!

I can relate to this story, as maybe you can too?

When I called myself into the police September 27, 2019 on my way back from Toronto after a three week sojourn in Arizona that hadn’t went as planned, I was tuned into a higher level and had broke my ‘tone it down’ button. As the world is today, I wouldn’t recommend it but the experience taught me a lot in preparation for what is now being externalized for all to see so I am grateful for it!

T. Harv Eker is a money-man and author who says if you aim to be comfortable, you’ll never be rich. But if you aim to be rich you’ll be really comfortable. The same is true of safety except no-thing can guarantee safety.

We all know the system is sick and designed to save itself at any cost.

The excuse “it’s always been done that way” and “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” no longer work at the particular crossroads in humanity’s history we find ourselves at now.

The podcast is called “When women are the storytellers, the human story changes” and I believe that which is why we’re nearly through a month of near daily messages.  I hope you’ll see the value in telling your story too!

Big love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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