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Day 50: Transformation Through The Spoken Word

At the beginning of this journey into the transformation of self-image, I committed to completing the 66 days and I’m doing it.

Over that time, life cropped up and things have got in the way of fulfilling that commitment some days but the next day I have got back on the horse and kept going, without judging myself for it. That is progress and is part of my own transformation.

Michael Seegers and I recorded Episode 5 of the “The Michael and Laura Show” on Sunday on “The Science of the Spoken Word” and between editing that, hosting a call with Jacquie Phoenix on exercising Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 on Tuesday (and editing that), and then recording Episode 6 on “The Violet Flame” last night it has been a transformational week. To have added in a new relationship too means I missed two days back to back and I’m ok with that.

I call that progress and encourage you to recognize how you have changed, grown and stretched yourself over the last 50-ish days too.

Self-criticism and judgement is so easy to fall into the trap of and yet it can be challenging to get out of.

In the past with this intended series I didn’t get out of the trap fast enough and the series never got completed. The self-judgements that went with that created an even deeper trap that eroded my self-esteem and confidence, and made me doubt myself when I didn’t need to. I have learned to be more gentle with myself and would encourage you to be gentler with yourself where you’ve fallen ‘off-track’ too.

The two days I missed before this were about self-care and editing those videos, not wanting the blogs from these days to be about all the work I was doing behind the scenes which would have taken me away from the editing work I was doing, and so instead of forcing myself to push even further I let myself have a life too.

I did the best I could and recognized that even though the daily message didn’t go out two days in a row, for the first time in this series, progress was being made and I was doing the best I could. It may seem redundant to say but I’m ok with that and would encourage you to shift how you measure and judge yourself in this way too.

So often we let our goals define us, as I did for so long with ‘the book’ I often reference but still have yet to submit to my publisher.

What I have learned is that doing so only holds the condition we hope to overcome in place, mounting further barriers on top of it unnecessarily. So why not change the measuring stick used to track progress instead?

Whatever comes after “I am” holds tremendous power where our self-perception is concerned. And while not discussed in this message specifically, a useful tool to use when working to judge yourself less about things you wish to change is “I am now in the process of…”

The ego cannot find fault with that statement and helps you bring your new baby idea home despite jealous guards.

I am now in the process of being more graceful with myself.

I am now in the process of measuring my success by the relationship I have with myself. And for the first time, despite feeling worn down yesterday and lower energetically than usual, I am learning to trust the creative process and am letting myself enjoy the growth process, highs and lows inclusive.

Would love for you to check out either message and comment on them so I know what they mean to and for you, plus what you’re going to do with the information you gather from them.

I’m participating in a three day conference beginning this morning which I anticipate I’ll learn and grow a lot from. Am working on editing the violet flame message before it kicks off and wish you a wonderful, peace-full day full of grace toward yourself and others!

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Today is David Robinson’s funeral, Jacquie Phoenix’s mentor and an activist in this movement for redress and taking the power back from a treasonous government. We briefly mentioned it in the interview you would benefit from viewing if you’re open to exercising your power as a sovereign being in a world that needs your voice. His legacy lives on because of his actions while here and the same will be said for us both at the end of ours – what we choose to do today contributes to that outcome so make it great! 

PPS. The image used for this post is from an evening my cat was resting his paw on my outstretched hand that felt gentle, loving and compassionate, the very energy I shared I am learning to embrace. I hope you find moments of grace today like this too!

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