Everything Is About To Change… For Good.

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April 1st was the first work day I’d been without employment since the beginning of January when I started a short contract that ended with the fiscal year but regardless of how little time I’d spent there, it almost felt as though something had been stripped away from me when my temporary position ended on Friday.

I no longer get to reap the rewards of employment or make the daily connections I did while working full time in this role but I remind myself that as one door closes another opens to help me help even more people who are ready to return to their sacred heart centre as the one they’ve been waiting for too.

This role reminded me that the value we offer has little to do with the financial reward we receive for what we do; it’s largely about who we are and how we show up for the people we connect with along the way.

Before that position I’d isolated myself for nearly six months to finish the book I’m still working on, and while I wrote obsessively for most of that time, I didn’t share much of any of it with the world.

It was as if my story of ‘not enough’ transcended the page into a pattern of ceaseless editing to the point of never having anything left to share. A familiar pattern for the process I had to go through to get where I am today.

My 30th birthday was nearly two years ago already and marked one of my greatest disappointments to date which was that instead of celebrating the release of my first book child, I entered one of the darkest periods of my life where I moved into my Grandparents’ basement and got myself a job selling gym memberships for nearly a year instead.

All of it was strategic but after a year and a half of living in my Grandparents’ basement I realized that adventure was not going to come any closer to me than what I was willing to go toward it, and so began my quest for my next adventure.

It changed a few times in March but now it’s settled and on Monday April 8 I will be embarking on an adventure that will take me back to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Mesquite, Sedona, Orange County and the desert land in between, with a doula of the Soul (Chelsea Lee Howard – The Mermaid Priestess) who will help me through my reintegration process as I support her through hers. We will be filming our journey and sharing it via YouTube so be sure to be subscribed from the beginning so you don’t miss any of the action!

Chelsea and I are going on this adventure to chart out a retreat for Soulfull Seekers ready to come home to their authentic selves and who want to literally go away with trusted guides for a physical, spiritual, mental, psychological and emotional transformation who have already been where we’ll go together. That is what this trip will be for us and so we would love for you to play with us through group discussion along the way.

As questions come up for you as we go, ask them and we will answer or find someone who can so please share in the comments below or by emailing laura@ljeh.ca <3

It is time for us to gather and discuss these kinds of questions because the quality of questions we are willing to ask ourselves will directly determine the quality of answers we’re able to find or the life that we will enjoy as a result.

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton

P.S. Sometimes we just have to take the plunge and leap forward into the unknown that will take us into the liminal phase of transformation when we are between worlds – the one we used to know and the one we are creating now.

PPS. Everyone should have a Personal Power Statement we can use to help talk ourselves up and remind us of our greatness. We get far too caught up in what didn’t go well that we overlook what did. This becomes a way to pump ourselves back up after we’ve been knocked down, and something we can recite regardless of whether we need pumping up or not. It’s about learning to be intentionally kind to yourself by having easy access to intentionally supportive self-talk at the ready.

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