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Guided Visualization to Align Energy Centres and Release Pain… DAY FIFTEEN of 66

in the heart of the tree

    It was an incredible weekend on many levels. 

    I dressed up spontaneously in an outfit I called #freespirit because it was just an excuse to look and feel great with a different than normal look. It was fun and it led to some insightful and significant conversations!

    I recorded several videos that I’m breaking into bite sized chunks to make significant insights more digestible. “Even elephants are eaten one bite at a time, so just start with the first step, Laura!” I said to myself…

    I wrote my daily blog/email message to you with relative ease because I allowed the topic to flow from me instead of trying to fit the flow into the box I decided it needed to fit into. When you soften a tight fist you can retain a lot more water than if you try to squeeze it and the same is true of our creativity.

    I connected with family that I love and also released my need for their approval when it’s finally become undeniably clear to me that while nice to have, it’s no longer necessary for me to feel like what I’m doing is enough. It is because it’s my obsession.

    All of this was the result of being in the flow and understanding how to respond to the signs, symbols and omens that presented themselves to me. When I shared the same visualization process with two different people within 20 minutes of each other, who had never considered this technique beforehand, I decided it was time to offer it as a tool for your toolbox of energetic resources today. Here’s a link to the video.

    I originally posted the video with the triad wave frequency embedded into it but the licensing rules have changed where the wave is concerned so I’ll be waiting for sound engineers to do it for me and get it back to me. When they do I’ll be making it available to my Patreon subscribers as an added thank you for your support but in the mean time wanted to make sure you gained access to the message ASAP! 

    With Patreon, you get to be like a modern day Aristocratic sponsor of creatives contributing to the world in ways you approve of, appreciate and enjoy. If that’s how you feel about my work then check out my Patreon site and choose the level you want to give at: While I may remove this Thank You gift in the future, I’m glad you have the opportunity to take advantage of it now!

    No matter what level you choose, your support gives me incentive to release even more value adding episodes to my YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to listen to this message (less than 16 minutes) and use it to bring your power back into the present moment where you can influence your future. You’re worth it!

    Much love, 

        Laura JeH – Namaste 

    PS. This video message is different from the ones I’ve been editing since Friday night when I recorded two profound messages of length so be sure to check it out and share it – P&Ta!

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