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I hope you are doing well and are handling the newest imposition of unlawful rules to the best of your…

Happy Good Friday to you and your loved ones, if you celebrate Easter and the ceremonial motivation behind it!  …

I hope you’ve been having a great week and haven’t written in a few days because something recently became very…

Welcome to the last and best week of your month so far! Friday night was an incredible evening where Michael…

The first time I really got plugged into a higher level of living and it became too much for me…

I’m on a time crunch before the internet gets disconnected between 8am-10pm today so I’m writing this to you with…

Permission to be yourself is not required but sometimes it helps us have the confidence to actually do it fully….

It’s a day of new beginnings as I began writing this message at 11:11am, the quintessential moment of alignment when…

Today I woke up with the land around me, excited to reap the rewards of the harvest I have worked…