The 33rd Message That Ended A 66 Day Process Of Transformation

2018-12-25 12.43.31

I hope you had an incredible time with loved ones over the holidays and have been thinking of how to write this message for a month, while I did a lot of ‘underground’ digging.


A lot of shame went into the delay, which has been in the works for much longer than the duration of the 66 day series I started in October, and in the sharing of this message I have released myself from it.


In the 66 days while writing (and not writing) a series about the transformation of self-image, I did indeed transform my own except that underneath the veils of illusion and expectation that I’ve spent so long writing about, I found the truth I was hiding from myself.


I failed to plan and subsequently planned to fail without meaning to. I talked a good game but wasn’t fully walking my talk and therein lies my strength. Not in my faltering or losing my way, but in my willingness to admit that I did, that I learned and that I’m willing to release myself of the burden of hiding it for the sake of helping others.


I’m doing it now because I believe too many of us are caught up in that cycle of covering up the mistakes behind our shame; in order to liberate others we must first liberate ourselves and that is the process I have been undergoing this past year, and the last month in particular.


Part of my liberation has to do with reconnecting with my roots, and what better time than over the holidays when loved ones are all around? A time notorious for closing off the year gone by in order to prepare for the one we will create with the choices we make right now.


While family is a major root system in my life, another is the Soul work I’ve been doing since I became a Soul Realignment Practitioner back in 2013. It’s a tool I’ve used with private clients for years but that I held back from sharing on a larger scale for reasons not to be delved into in this message.


The reasons I haven’t shared this modality on a bigger level were part of a story that has kept me in hiding, in public view, for far too long. But I am done holding myself hostage to my past and am extending a figurative olive branch to myself and those who have been along for the journey.


Yesterday I opened my metaphoric book within the Akashic Records to realign to my Divine nature by re-discovering the blocks and restrictions my Soul has chose to interfere with the experience and expression of my Divinity in the life I am creating. The Akashic Records are like an energetic database that contain all choices of all time for each of us, neatly stored away within our Soul’s personal ‘file’. It has been several years since I reopened my records to see what choices are keeping me stuck in the not-now and not surprisingly I’ve got some clearing to do, both from what I didn’t fully resolve back then and from new choices that I’ve made since.


I started my 21 Day Transmutation Of Energy Process this morning and will be intentionally realigning to my Divinity with newfound commitment and conviction over the coming weeks and beyond.


I’ll share more about what this process entails in future messages but wanted to get this closure message out first, both for myself and to give you hope where you have fallen down and may have felt shame about getting back up too. Rest assured, the shame is only in not getting back up, or in getting so attached to the plan that the purpose gets lost in the process.


Falling down and getting back up, repeatedly, has taught me a lot!


It has made me stronger and more able to help others, and helped me refine the story I have been writing for all this time. It will ultimately help me in helping others better than I could if I’d went through the motions to complete this series out of obligation and no longer will I live misaligned to my authentic nature any more.


As I liberate myself from the confines of expectations I have outgrown, I hope my transparency will help you in recognizing where you have committed yourself to something that is keeping you stuck in shame. It isn’t serving you or anyone else and so as 2018 comes to an end I encourage you to reconnect with your Soulfull roots by letting me know what you’re working on and whether you are willing to uncover the unconscious blocks that have kept you in a rut you’re ready to leave behind.

Judge me for where I am if you must, but realize I am committed to my own liberation with the setting of new constraints and this willingness, coupled with the clarity that comes with it, mean the journey ahead will be far different from the one we have walked together until now.


Your past can only define you if you continually recriminate yourself for it and part of my purpose is to liberate others from their suffering of self-persecution as I have done and am doing for myself at Soul level right now too – as now is the only moment we ever have. It’s been a process, but that’s what the journey is all about.

Comment below to share what this means to and for you and connect with me personally at to let me know you want to talk – we can set up a 30 minute Discovery Session to discuss where you’re blocked and how a reading can help you bust through the barriers of your own limited thinking. You are not alone and need not feel alone any longer.


Much love,


Laura JeH


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