The Sacred Sojourn of Life
takes no prisoners.
The mind will hold us hostage
until we find guides who can
help us come back to our heart
centre and take our power back! 

Self-care is a practice of self-love that fills the ‘bank account’ of the soul, body, mind and heart which are stronger when practiced so let’s!

To help you in reclaiming your power from all the not-now moments you may have left (deposits of) your power in, we’re going to journey inward together so that we can make friends with our emotions while also connecting with others willing to do the INNER work and stir up more energies in motion that are ready to be moved within a group coaching context.

We’re all called to do the INNER work yet few are willing to without needing a crisis to set them on their path which is what the Certificate Of VEX Identity Death – Artificial Intelligence that COVID-19 vexed us with indeed.

INNER Kingdom Rescue Missions (as Album23 is themed) is the antidote to the madness because it is a complimentary community building project designed to support artists’ in the development of a stronger sense of self-Worth, self-Esteem, self-Belief and INNER Security so that we can create higher vibing music.

January is focused on the Justin(ian) Connexion to the legal fiction with our next call being January 22, 2023 @ 8:30pm EST. You can join the call live via Zoom – grab the link from our Meetup group.

February 2023 marks the re-launch of the “Weaving Stronger INNER WEBS Series” which is designed to empower artists to critically consider our role as influencers in the bigger picture and why every one of us truly do matter in the scheme of things, especially now that CANADA’s Corrupted MAID Service (Medical Assistance In Dying Service) is stealing souls with a low sense of self-Worth, Esteem, Belief and INNER Security. Our INNER WEBS are directly impacted by our sense of belonging within the communities we identify with so let’s unite!

Key theories from FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW will be used as context by genuinely helping to call your soul into greater presence, which is how you can take charge of your life instead of feeling the need to control things that are ‘out of your hands’.

12 Key Takeaways from FULLY COMMITTED:

pages 45-46: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Motivational Needs, Tony Robbins’ equivalent and the correlation to school shootings

page 15-17: The Stanford Prison Experiment and when I was involuntarily formed against my will or wishes by the modern day witch hunt, legalized and normalized (Mental Health Act)

Chapter 23: The Con of Freedom, Fabians, Entities & My Crazy Journey to Clarity introduces the secret “wolves in sheep’s clothing” society, the mixed war we’re in, my experience getting locked up for mental health issues during a spiritual awakening the majority didn’t understand and I hadn’t learned to share more responsibly at that time,

Chapter 13 – The energy harvesting I became aware of and the status conversion threat we all need to be aware of.

Chapter 7: Woundology, Recovery of Self-Esteem & Rock Bottom States (page 35-37) talks about the modern nuclear war we’re in, the difference between lighthouses and boats, and how the greatest comeback of my life was the result of breaking down with desire to fix it.

Chapter 11: The Capitalizing of LAW Lacking In Heart (p57-60) introduces the concept of jurisdictions of Land, Air, Water and the symbolic effect of using CAPSLOCK to UPPERCASE the letters we define ourselves and others using.

Chapter 14: The Hierarchy Of Creation With Pirates At The Helm (p71-75) breaks down the power structure of the public and private sectors of life and why the corporate entities require an inter-face to interact with and engage with real men and women.

Chapter 16: Homeless Heroes & Lost Till Found In Nevada (p83-87) is the story of Linda who helped me see we’re all homeless until we come home to our heart centre and the lesson a lost passport taught me about ‘breaking up’ with the concept people are expendable.

Chapter 17: PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United & Untied (p89-102) breaks down the acronyms, archetypes and attachments we make to identities that either feed on us or feed us energetically.

Chapter 18: Psychosis, The Crazy Ones, Choice Points & Survival Archetypes (p103-114) focuses on shifting from the REACTIVE into the CREATIVE sides of our archetypes and how to use active choice point theory to choose wisely. Pages 112-114 explain the 4 survival archetypes from their SCARED and SACRED sides

Chapter 20: The Sacred Sojourn of the Soul (p121-133) is the hero’s journey from a spiritual perspective.

Chapter 21: Toxic Loads, Colours of Right & The Highrise of Emotional Awareness (p135-150) breaks down the incremental mood shifts we can make when we learn to work through our stagnant energies (E-motions)

this guided experience will take on the form it needs to for you.

in joy the journey!

If you have any specific questions you’d like me to address in this process, please email me at and I’ll be glad to speak into it if I believe I can add value in some way.

With love,
Laura JeH – Namaste



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