12/33: Do Not Be Discouraged – Use The Moments To Grow Sustainably!

After everything that went into editing the message I recorded myself reading live before it disappeared with the refresh of a screen and left me without all the edits I had faithfully made in the lead up to when I read it to Jared Wade who I’ll be cohosting a Mystic Music Summit with tomorrow Tuesday January 12 via Zoom at 3:30pm EST. If you are an artist who would like to be part of a unifying project creating a compilation of positive music medicine to help heal the hearts of the hurting, then let’s come together and see who wants to be part of the first volume of Mystic Music Compiled.
I was struggling to work through editing the longer version I’d written before Jared called and had agreed to listen to my blog and so I wasn’t surprised when it cut out early, as it did, because everything happens exactly as its meant to.
I didn’t lose the original text for most of the attached video so have included it here if you’d like to read it, otherwise watch me read the edited version to you live:
The divine plan works on its own schedule.
It never asks if we’re too far off course before redirecting us, it just trusts our autopilot (subconscious) to redirect us to get back on track. It’s like when a missile is on assignment; it may be off course 99% of the time and yet most reach their destination because they’re constantly being redirected, and that’s what we’re being called to do right now with our attention too.
It’s about learning to create a centre of inner peace that we can access anytime. Maxwell Maltz called this our inner rabbit hole in a book called “Psycho-cybernetics” which I would highly recommend for how it sheds light on how we come up with our self-image identity in the first place.
We often use the past to judge, label and condemn ourselves within the courtroom of our saboteur’s quarters and yet we want to pretend that part of us doesn’t exist so badly that we create little white lies that hide the truth and become a full lie once discovered.
We forget that everything has a scared shadow and sacred side to them and that it is up to us to choose which wolf we will feed.
There is a parable of a Cherokee grandfather who tells his grandson there was a fight happening within each of them between a good wolf and an evil one. When asked which wolf would win the Grandfather re-minded him the answer would depend on which wolf they choose to feed their energetic resources – Time, Energy, Effort, Attention and Money – to. And the same is true for us.
A tribunal is often held to determine the tribe’s comfort level with new information and even though the messenger doesn’t necessarily originate the message they are often the ones used as a scapegoat if the message is not one people want to hear.
I am willing to share what I believe I have come to know and hope you will listen to so you can at least make an informed decision about what it happening right now.
We’re being called to change our relationship with ourselves by taking our power back from the external authorities we previously placed our power in the hands of and in the process shift the Uni-verse on its axis at a time when we are all aware that everything is changing anyway so we may as we add our creative intention.
We have to remember the story of the monkeys on an island being studied and who were given sweet potatoes on the beach each day by their captors. One day one of the sweet potatoes rolled into the water and the monkey who ran to grab it rubbed it off and then bit into the first non-sandy sweet potato of its life. Delighted, it naturally it shared the discovery with its monkey buddies, who shared it with theirs and eventually, when it reached the 100th monkey, all monkeys everywhere knew to wash off the sweet potato before eating it because the idea landed in the collective subconscious and became widely accessible knowledge to every-one.
One hundred is not the number required to reach a tipping point in collective consciousness for us but it reflects the fact that reaching it will take effort but not necessarily as much as we might think. Collective shifts take place when a certain amount of the population become aware of something that everyone seems to know but don’t know what to do about it, as if it’s an unspoken problem that is common knowledge yet not convenient to acknowledge or clean up. 
We are holographic images of the Grand Overall Designer who have access to the Grand Overall Database that contains all that is and ever has been, existing simultaneously without time and space to limit it’s fullest expansion, and so we must be responsible stewards of this responsibility too.
A documentary called The Need To Grow makes it clear that unless we change current farming practices we only have approximately 60 years left of sustainable farm land, and then what? What will we tell our future generations who cannot farm the nutrient depleted lands they will inherit from us, unless we take responsibility for our impact on the world we live in now.
It is time to realize that the seeds we plant in the Earth are equally important to the ones we plant in our own minds, the minds of others, as well as the ones that were already planted in our hearts long before we got here.
Like the Oak tree that awaits its fullest expression in the seed until it is given the right circumstances to grow and prosper in. It’s just time to start respecting the Law of Timing and to know that you and the Divine will often have very different timelines or expectations and yet everything is still happening for us, not to us. And to ensure we are able to become the greatest expression of ourselves possible, we are given extra challenges as we clear karma from our own past as well as for the collective and our lineage for multiple generations each way.
For it is during times of crisis that the true ones reveal themselves and that is what I aspire to be.
… and just then as I read this message to my cohost for tomorrow’s Mystic Music Summit – Jared Wade – the page reset and I lost all the edits I had made outside of the transcribe page where I had first spoke the message. *A great tool!*
I picked right up where I left off after the shock lifted and combined them to give you an original experience of the message in an integrated message starting back off with a message I want to share in print too:
“I aspire to be true to myself and others as a result of the integrity I restore through right action. And having walked this path through life as a mystic without a monastery for most of my life, I have learned a few tricks, teachings and tales that I believe could help you in dreaming the Newly Ordered World into existence with other progressive, optimistic rainbow warriors willing to take a stand for what is right!” – Laura JE Hamilton
You can see how that all unfolded and where I went from there in the video I posted reading today’s message of hope and encouragement for the day. Get it here!
Grateful to be sharing this journey with you as we walk each other home to our heart centre.
Love and blessings wished your way,
Laura JEH – Namaste
PS. I posted a fun drive through life video to YouTube earlier today too – enjoy!

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