14/55: April Fool’s Day Update, Final Lawfully Org Meeting @4pm & Link To Blog

I hope you’ve been having a great week and haven’t written in a few days because something recently became very clear to me.


While my heart says “Build community!” and make sure people have the inner resilience to make it through what could be coming, another part of me is finally speaking up to remind me of what I learned early on: people value what they pay for.


Whether that be with Time, Energy, Effort, Attention, Money, we want a decent Return On Investment (ROI) for what we put ourselves into and what I’ve realized after many months of hosting weekly Summits, making videos and sending regular messages is that traction is a slow build until there is something tangible to hold onto.


I’m done with using my TEEAM to build up others because it isn’t paying off.


Just kidding!!!! It is April’s Fool’s Day after all 🙂


But I am going to do things differently moving forward and today will be the final PIWU Lawfully Organized Summits for a while because the law is not where our power fully lies so investing my TEEAM into this prevents me from doing what will help people even more which is what these meetings helped me understand.


What it helped me see, along side the other information and people we discovered in the process, is that we are above the law because we are sovereign beings who have been taught otherwise. Thus today’s meeting will focus on rounding out this weekly gathering before we shift to a higher perspective of the law than what we may have focused on before.


Join Zoom Meeting at 4pm EST:


Meeting ID: 980 6315 1002

Passcode: 960438

If you’d rather hear me read the next segment of Saint Germain on Alchemy then tune in to YouTube live at 7pm EST when I begin reading from where we left off last week. And yes, these will continue 🙂

I feel like I’ve come to a new state of being that excites me because I can feel how connected it is to the new self-image I have been developing through all that I’ve been doing and demanding of myself.

This month I’ll be uploading daily messages to support you in becoming the PEACEFULL INNER Warrior who can withstand whatever the psychopaths leading this www.url.d are throwing at us, neutralizing their efforts with the peacefull and unified front that we can only achieve by banding together in faith.

I posted the first daily message earlier so check that out and I’ll hope to see you on one of the calls later!

Stay strong in faith,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Two years ago I wrote an insightful blog I was reminded of this morning so want to make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to see Fool’s Day from a new view.

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