15/55: 7 Simple Self-Care Strategies + A Chance To Understand The Ascension Process

Happy Good Friday to you and your loved ones, if you celebrate Easter and the ceremonial motivation behind it!


Today’s message is late getting out because I had to get myself into a space to record the message about what I needed today and you may need to hear too.


As per my April goal of recording a daily message to my YouTube channel, today’s message is called 7 Self Care Strategies To Nurture Yourself & The Child Within. Watch it here now and leave a comment with your biggest takeaway or another technique you have found to be valuable! I really love and appreciate hearing from you!


Another treat that will be coming to you on the sacred day is another Summit with Michael Seegers and I that you are welcome to attend and invite loved ones to given its relevance to the weekend being celebrated.


Topic: Jesus (Part 2) & What Is The Ascension

Time: Apr 2, 2021 07:00 PM America/Toronto


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Meeting ID: 945 6463 3496

Passcode: PEACE


And so given you’ve got a video and a call to decide you want to be on in less than 2 hours, I’ll keep this one short and sweet and wish you a delicious evening!


Stay strong and courageous,


Laura JeH – Namaste

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