18/55: Attempted Hacks, Real Ones & What We Are Being Called To Do Now

I hope you are doing well and are handling the newest imposition of unlawful rules to the best of your ability!

I wrote my subscribers “It’s hard to believe I haven’t shown up in your inbox in nearly a week already” but processing through all the feelings of reaching higher levels of awareness, without a profiteering agenda beyond sprinkling the magick of re-membrance into the hearts of those willing to receive it, is a process I’m doing my best to navigate too.

It’s hard when you wake up to the fictitious reality we’ve been cult-u-rally indoctrinated into and see the truth for what it is: hidden in plain sight.

It’s hard to value your skills and abilities when you don’t believe in the sustainability of the monetary system and would rather give freely that which was hard-won knowing the world needs what we have to offer more than the fiat currency that is not backed by anything other than false promises and a corrupted system; or at least that has been my struggle over the past few years.

Yes, it’s hard waking up to the truth as Neo experienced in the Matrix movie but our souls didn’t come here for an easy ride and it doesn’t get to take any of the monetary or material trappings of success with it that so many are trading their souls to receive now despite the cost their cooperation and compliance is creating globally.

I believe they simply don’t understand what’s truly on the line because our education system has corrupted its students to only trust approved sources, without questioning the motives of the approval board, blindly trusting them to do their job lawfully. For most people are not yet aware that lawful and legal are different but that is what we are being called to change, so that we can challenge this from the higher standing sovereign beings have (of which we are both one, until patented and owned as the Not-Sees would have us become with the gene therapy being issued under Emergency protocols set up before the Plandemic hit).

We came here to experience ourselves fully and to learn our limits because we were pushed to the edges of our comfort zone and Law’d knows that is where this Pendemic has forced us all.

As you know, I’ve been speaking out publicly over the last year on my social media platforms to share the sinister, and Satanic, agenda behind what is currently underway.

I’m doing my best to gather leaders to strategize how to bring all the movements together for the benefit of the common good and could use your help to get the best people around the table so we can drop the walls (words) of our individualized movements and join forces to take our power back from the corporate entities and establishments we have given it to because we thought we were supposed to.

I am no Saint and have flaws I’m working on, and I’ll readily admit my awakening came at a high cost with much scorched Earth around me where personal relationships are concerned, but it prepared me to be fully committed to doing everything in my power to help our people rise up together and I’m not attached to the borders of bodily colouring, ethnicity or land mass ownership when I say ‘our people’.

I say all hue-mans everywhere qualify and are now being called to step up even if we have to do it shaking in our boots.

My inbox now receives daily messages of attempted hacks on my website from all over the world which only reinforces my inner-standing that I am doing important work and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

The real hack to be aware of, so we can be-ware the dangers of blind followership, is in the power of connection.

Yesterday I met a group of local women I’ve been connected with through a like-minded chat group on Facebook assembled by my friend Chantal who helped me with the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Lawfully Organized Summits we hosted weekly for three months in search of answers about the Article 61 invocation from the 1215 Magna Carta, following an interview I did last year with Jacquie Phoenix. I knew from that interview there was good information there but I didn’t know enough to move forward with confidence and knew others would be the same.

We learned and grew a lot from the months we hosted these meetings and I was reminded of a lesson I learned early on from John C. Maxwell which is that everything rises and falls on leadership.

Last week was the first week without a PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Lawfully Organized Summit meeting since January because we realized that where there is only one way, it’s usually a trap and approaching A61 as the only solution seemed that way because of how it diminishes all the efforts other leaders have made to understand and use the Constitutional documents that came after the forever binding 1215 Magna Carta. This is contended by the police but they have only been trained to use intimidation and force to execute the orders they are issued by their superiors, and were indoctrinated with training that does not respect the fact sovereign men and women, which all natural ones such as we are, are hierarchically superior to the corporate entities society have elevated in importance.

There is a lot more to share where all of this is concerned but I’ve got an Anti-Lockdowns rally to attend in Simcoe where I hope to help my fellow countrymen and women understand what Mother Theresa knew when she said I will never attend an anti-war rally, but host a rally for peace and I will be there.

During these times of severe censorship, attending the rally to find the connections with real people who can gather and unite real people seems necessary so I’ll go.

Organizing a peace rally is something we like-minded ladies will be spearheading and hope others will join too for I am hoping to connect with the leaders of this movement to drop some walls so that we can all stop fighting the system and instead do the peace-full and lawful alternative of demanding personal accountability of all individuals acting in roles that do not protect them (or their souls) off-the-job.

We must unite in solidarity, for our power is in connecting with one another, hence the effort to make us afraid of ‘social’ and keeping us distant from those who might infect an indoctrinated mind with nuggets of truth that create further unrest in a docile dog. Reverse the order and you’ll find God.

Let us do that together by remembering who and whose we truly are, regardless of the boxes we previously used to keep ourselves feeling safely separate from one another.

If you are connected to the leaders of any movements with traction, I ask you to introduce us because you are who they trust more than a farm girl from Ontario they don’t know yet who has travelled the world seeking out the best players of the game, sometimes getting played along the way, all because we must drop the walls (labels) to build a bridge of interconnection that calls us back to our senses, calling for a level of personal accountability that tribal belonging has historically trumped until the trials after the fact when individuals are called to account for their choices.

Thank you for reading, sharing this message and connecting me to those who are willing to be the change we seek in this world. We can do this and are stronger than we think,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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