2/55: United We Stand Stronger & Can Ripple Further Faster

This afternoon is the next PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Lawfully Organized Summits at 4pm EST and I hope you can make it, for I’m reading a document that I’ve had on hand for months but hadn’t reviewed until just now. Jacquie Phoenix will also be giving an update on the personal costs of standing up as a leader in a controversial movement and yet what the cost of not doing so will be.

It’s an article on how to peacefully, respectfully and sovereignly stand as a natural man or woman against a treasonous regime that has got far too out of hand with the overbearing press of control they’ve been handed. And now I say we demand they remember their place or the fist will continue punch unsuspecting victims left, right and centre until you are next in their scope and no one is left to stand and defend you as many of us are trying to do now.

The problem has been in organization and that’s part of the reason I’ve pushed myself to begin the 55 Days To Become A PEACEFULL INNER Warrior With A SPECIAL Practice series where I intend to put the best of what I’ve discovered into, after today’s Summit that I’m going to focus on preparing for now.

This Summit is significant because people have forgot what it means to be a sovereign (hue-man) being, rather than a citizen sworn to comply with a corrupt government that would have the dis-eased ones infect the peace-full just to ensure chaos is perpetuated. But instead of doing the same old, same old that begets more of the same, I propose that now we organize ourselves in a way that will help us leverage our potential and the power we have in greater numbers.

Years ago when I was selling gym memberships I had a conversation with a snow bird member who lived in Florida with his wife for half the year, and in the warmer months they stayed in Canada. This was back in 2018 when things seemed pretty normal and utopic so the fear was minimal except the insanity still overwhelming when he shared a piece of the bigger picture and the fact that uber wealthy people were building resort homes off the mainland for when the day came that the people went wild and they needed to escape the madness.

Now that it’s 2021, that future won’t be too far off, from my perspective, if we don’t pull up our boot straps and actually start rowing in a common direction that reflects and respects our whole-I-stick nature. And that’s the reason we have been hosting these weekly meetings for the last couple months and will continue to do so until redress has been achieved and Rule of Law has been restored. It is also why we are called to create a foundation on which to build from which is exactly what is coming from the introductions being made through these opportunities.

What does that mean specifically?

That’s what we’re going to be speaking into this Summit and the ones to come, because what I know about human nature is that people do not take action when they feel unsure, uncertain, insecure or fear-full that their choice could be wrong. And yet in this inverted reality that we are living in we must realize that what may make a certain path seem easier is often because it’s the one that leads straight to the death camps that we rogue ones are resisting for both our own sake and for the sake of those who cannot advocate for themselves yet.

Having worked as a community support worker on a short contract, supporting people with varying degrees of dis-ability and hearing some of the stories the families of these individuals had simply because they wanted their child or loved one to have a quality life, is that the system is only interested in how it can monetize those who don’t understand their worth.

And that is why I am inviting you to the Summit today as we gather in the name of remembering who we truly are as the descendants of the ones who came before us, and thus the choices we make at this particular time in history are vital to the longevity of our species and fate of Hue-manity’s entrance into the golden age we came here to bring into reality.

If you’re willing to take a stand with others willing to do the same, and who are committed to holding the ones who won’t accountable for their willfull choice to aid and abet the treason that is clearly on display now, then join us at 4pm and invite a few friends you’d like to stand with too because you’ll need three witness signatures on your Oath of Allegiance to the Barons under Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta anyway so you may as well get them in the know now.

But the other thing I have learned is that I am not everyone’s cup of tea and neither will you be. But if I’m yours and you’re willing to share this message with people who like your flavour, you will become the bridge that helps us unite Hue-Manity in a way I am doing my best to help with and hope you will truly be able to say you are doing the same.

Will you join me? Let us see just after 3:59pm when we open the lines and see who’s willing to show up,

Laura JEH- Namaste

PS. The call in details are here for you to share and save – PIWU Lawfully Organized Summit #8

Time: Mar 4, 2021 04:00 PM America/Toronto

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Just seen this & I live in the UK. Would like to know more about what you’re doing. Is there the same going on here? I have not seen anything.

Kathryn this is a grassroots movement by the people for the people. It is definitely live and well in the UK and most other commonwealth countries just difficult to help people understand how badly we’ve been lied to so we can all wake up and move forward peacefully and lawfully! The next event can be found in our Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/peacefull-inner-warriors-united/events/276850503/

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