4/33: Brought Forward & Built Upon For 2021

Hard to believe I published this blog more than a year ago already and yet how equally relevant are its words than right now so here’s a repost from January 1, 2020:

Welcome to the new year and to all that it will bring!

At this sacred time of year, we often feel a sense of excitement at what this new beginning will bring us and if you’re like most people, “new year’s resolutions” were made with conviction and enthusiasm that make us hopeful for a chance to master ourselves in a bigger way than ever before.

This year I didn’t set any new year’s resolutions for myself specifically, but I do intend to approach my life in a different way than I previously have and intentionally interrupting old stories is an essential tool for that process.

The coming year will inevitably bring a great number of changes with it, and I am resolving to be content where I am, with the choices I have or haven’t made, knowing it is only the choices I make from here in this moment that have the power to change anything for me or anyone else.

Looking in the rearview mirror does not change the direction we are moving in now so I am choosing this year to be the one where I practice interrupting old patterns that see me ruminating over things I cannot change faster and instead help me choose a thought that will serve me better.

It’s a simple technique but incredibly profound when practiced:

Step 1: Recognize you are running a negative story.

Step 2: Interrupt the subconscious program that is providing the thought by saying “I hear you and no longer choose to give this thought my power. Instead I choose… (insert the new story you want to give your attention to instead).”

Step 3: Breathe yourself through the discomfort of this transition from one pattern to a new one with three deep belly breaths to call yourself back to the present moment.

Step 4: Celebrate yourself for catching yourself before you wrecked yourself.

Each time you follow this simple process you change the Cue-Response-Reward pattern with these simple steps, you set yourself up for success the next time you fall back into old habitual patterns and next year at this precious time of year you will find yourself in a much better place emotionally, if not physically, financially, and mentally too.

I look forward to what the coming year brings and wish you much conscious creation along the way!

I am sharing daily messages in hopes it inspires you to develop a SPECIAL Practice that honours all of who you are with me and the other PEACEFULL INNER Warriors who are willing to get clear about what we believe in, what we give our power to, and why we believe we’re here. Because each of those clarities of perspective help us better understand why now is our best chance to embrace who and whose we truly are.

On Sunday January 3 at 2pm EST I’ll be hosting the first Self-Compassion Service to explain the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul from a multidimensional perspective that can really put our wholly nature into the frame in a new way to what most are used to seeing.

On Tuesday January 5 I’ll be teaming up with Kip Brooks for the first PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Summit of 2021 based on the theme of legacy which I feel like we are being called to consider right now as huEmanity have a choice as to whether we will give FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) our power or whether we will allow Faith to triumph. And what we must remember is that love has already won, it just lost sight of its own magnificence for a while and now it remembers again.

And if worse comes to worse and you’re only free on Thursday January 7 at 7pm, then join me for a complimentary reading of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz starting with a ‘wisdom from’ mini book this week, and the actual book on January 14 (7pm EST).

I feel it’s more important than ever to now gather with other faith-full people so that we can drive the False Evidence Appearing Legit out of the kingdom of our internal environment and yet it is necessary for us to face those circumstances when we are placed between a rock and a hard place and we regret the decision we make; I’m sure you’ve been there too and also realize that few people have the ability to judge us harsher than what we judge ourselves.

And so as we ease into this new year, let us ease the judgements we cast on ourselves too in the process.

And may we begin the understand our Divine nature as Michael Seegers and I discuss in The Michael & Laura Show in the last uploaded episode E8: The Causal Body and the 7 Rays. It’s power-full information if we’re willing to absorb it and apply it to our understanding of how to live well. But it can also just be interesting for you to watch the first time with a completely open mind and non-committal approach to the information. That way you can choose what you want to do with the information from an objective perspective which is what we’re able to gain when we learn how to read our emotions and the signs, symbols and omens of the Universal language described in The Alchemist by Paulo Choelo which I finished reading days before the end of the year.

Watch the final 55 pages of The Alchemist read by yours truly here if you haven’t already and be willing to play while you listen so that you are having fun while you take in a power-full story about discovering the power of the Universal language of God; as mentioned too please feel free to substitute your label for God into the place of what does not resonate because that’s how you find the truths without being attached to the box we put God into and are now called to take source out of.

Excited to get today’s message out early so that I have all day to play with other projects now and you have a chance to read the message earlier than my usual timing. Which do you prefer – morning or evening messages? I’m going to do some experimenting!

But not tonight, for it is 11:21pm when I write this and it’s close enough to two master numbers (11:22) for me to want to wrap up this message and hit publish when the energies are most potent.

What I can’t wait to delve into this year with you is how to charge your own energies and make yourself as powerfully potent as possible for the benefit of man-kind.

Many blessings,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I just learned that today David Icke will be speaking in “The Awakening World Truth Summit” through the website exposethegreatreset.com and with not having to work until 5pm, I’m definitely going to check it out! Hope you can too!

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