31 years ago my Mom was two weeks overdue and missing Thanksgiving dinner because her stubborn daughter was finally getting ready to make an appearance.
    Just before 3pm I emerged, with a corkscrew type device in my head to monitor my vitals and a relieved tribe, happy to know a new member had been born and everyone was doing well.
    Fast forward 30 years and I had intended for that birthday to mark the launch of my first book and the start of a bigger level of living. I figured I could write the book in a month, assemble a pre-launch crew, PR campaign, accompanying program, presentation and workshops to go with it and ‘go big’ in time for the start of my third decade but it just wasn’t meant to go like that.
    I made a lot of noise about my big intentions but got real sheepish as the self-imposed deadline approached and reality was looking quite different from my plan. Right on the verge of my launch I pulled back when I’d planned to step forward and it left me doubting every aspect of who I was and what I stood for. I got so down on myself that I questioned my ability to add value and fell to one of my lowest points to date.
    In the process of climbing back out of this emotional hole I discovered a formula for feeling F.U.L.L. of I.N.N.E.R. P.E.A.C.E. amidst change and transition, and I’m ready to share it in an email series unlike anything I’ve done before. I will start sending emails to my people on October 15 so be sure to subscribe at www.ljeh.ca ASAP.
    I remember the hit my self-esteem took when I faltered without realizing it was part of a larger plan and I know there are others like me who are on the verge of a break through and who just need some moral support and to know they’re not alone.
While making the decision to let my condo go and take these seemingly backward steps, I remember thinking “you’re three feet from gold, Laura, just keep going” but in my darkness I didn’t even care. I had let my ego win and gave it ammunition for the future too, but the delay was Divine for reasons to be shared another day.
    The ego has a way of convincing us that it’s a good idea to stay in hiding because it’s invested in our present self-image and change, to it, means death.
    In Transform Your Self-Image: 66 Days To Change Your Life I’ll share more of the insights and wisdom I gathered along the way to where I am now, as the person I am today, to help others come home to their authentic selves too; and I’m not afraid to share my best, worst, and everything in between in order to do it.
    I’m also making this project available by donation so more people can gain access to it regardless of their bank account balance.
    I’m doing it this way because while I’ve been working behind the scenes, on both me, my energetic signature and my first book, I realized there are a lot of people who don’t have enough money left at the end of the month to afford my services but who would greatly benefit from having access to this information.
    I believe too many of us value ourselves based on our bank account balance and what we can afford; I don’t believe tools that can help us change our lives like this should be held out of reach to someone ready to change so I’m offering you access to this series, for now, by donation via Patreon.
    I also believe that having skin in the game matters because it helps us keep ourselves accountable and that matters. It’s far easier to do nothing with something we didn’t have to pay anything to gain access to, compared to something we did.
    As my 31st birthday gift to the world, I’m offering a powerful email series that will guide you through the transformation of your self-image over a 66 day period of change and transformation, and I only ask for two things…
    1. Choose how much gaining access to this guided process will be worth to you and that will stretch you enough to take it seriously on Patreon.
    2. Share this message with as many people as you feel would benefit from gaining access to new age old wisdom, served with a side of Woo, to guide them through the Hero’s Journey of their life with greater confidence and self-esteem.
    Your support, encouragement and efforts to live the life of your dreams matter to me more than you know! Your birthday bests are appreciated too 🙂
    I’m glad we’re sharing this adventure together!
    Much love,
    Laura JeH
    PS. I had plans to start this series sooner but a family emergency came up yesterday. Send my Papa wishes for a fast recovery, please and thanks!

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