32/33: The Story of Maybe, The Fruits of Darkness & Becoming A Better Me

Maybe is a powerful option and it has a few stories about it that are near and dear to my heart, because they’re my experiences in word form and now I understand the need to wisely wield our power like we never thought we’d need to.

I told the Officer who had seized me under the Mental Health Act after I called and reported that the system was corrupt and that someone needed to do something about it and while I didn’t have the position I was the qualified candidate for the role. And yet on the outside my inner knowing just sounded crazy, which I always like to clarify that crazy is different while insanity is doing the same things repeatedly while expecting different results.

I never managed to share that video because I lost it right before I had the nerve to actually share it, but what I know about the Universe is that it will reappear the moment I have eyes to see what was always there I just wasn’t noticing yet.

My Reticular Activating System (RAS) as Maxwell Maltz talks about in Psychocybernetics wasn’t tuned to it anymore and suddenly it became invisible to me in a way. It was not aligned for me to share and so it was reserved from me, for my own benefit likely, because what I went through during my enlightenment essentially was a lot to process and I took several irresponsible turns to get there.

But live and learn they say and are right about, if only we are willing to stick with things despite the turbulence.

Growth is a turbulent process and cognitive dissonance is the result of two competing beliefs trying to coexist in the same place while disgracing and minimizing the other to take energy for itself. And that is the parasitic way that we have been unconsciously feeding off each other because the culture we’ve been raised in encourages it.

Think about it…

We have been taught to be victims and to think that life happens to us, and especially with the turbulent times that are coming for us all as natural man and womb-man battling with AI to maintain sovereignty and control/dominion over our own sacred soils, which is becoming an ever increasing issue.

I never thought that the movies I was paying to see while growing up were actually telling me secrets of the Universe in a way that made me give that possibility energy because I not only gave it Money for admission into the theatre, I also gave it Time to get and be there, Energy to observe and try to piece the story together ahead of time to impress myself at the end (I can’t be the only one??), Effort to be at that particular movie instead of all the rest, Attention firmly rooted in the movie instead of the production of my own forward movement in my life, and thus I gave that story-BS-Belief SYSTEM-Paradigm-idea my power and am sorry to inform you that you have been unknowingly feeding the problem too.

Now it is time for us to stop feeding the problem and instead start focusing on solutions and that’s where my focus is currently going.

Each Thursday at 4pm EST PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United now gather for a Lawfully Organized Summit where we are educating people as to the basics of constitutional law under Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta that we are all called to stand under since it was unknowingly evoked 23 March 2001.

If we take our understanding of what it means to self-advocate for our rights as the sovereign beings that rule the lands of our own bodies, souls, and minds and amplify that by 7 generations, that is how far reaching your legacy will reach based on what you choose right now. Dare I say the ones who would hope to come through and from you cannot afford for you to choose inaction or complacence.

Come with me on a journey through the places I’ve travelled to meet the people I have to know what I do and to share it with you, as best as what I can, for the lesson the experience taught me and what I was able to extract as a lesson from it too.

March is going to be a SPECIAL month for me and I invite you to make it SPECIAL for you too.

As you may expect from me by now, there is an acronym behind SPECIAL that connects to the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul that we are all being called to consciously maneuver so that we can prepare ourselves more solidly for when the storms come to wash away what we thought defined us and instead we prove we dug deeper ahead of time; material things can only give us a false sense of power.

Now is the time to realize a shift is happening now and I believe I have insights that can truly help you maneuver these changing times if you’re open and interested. And it isn’t all going to come from me.

Tomorrow, March 2 at 3:30pm EST I’ll be hosting an important and short notice gathering because it feels fun and is needed as much now as ever before. It’s called the Mental Health & Harmonizing Hue-Manity with Music Mastermind Summit and you are hereby invited (all the details are in the PIWU Meetup group).

Share this message with a friend so they can receive messages of inspiration, hope, encouragement and enthusiasm with my flavour for the day too simply because they said yes to receive emails from me at ljeh.ca – I’ll be writing them anyway so would love to bless your inbox with all the great stuff that I’ve been putting up lately, if I don’t say so myself. But you know, if I won’t say it for myself who will?

Sometimes we just have to declare what is and be willing then say “And so it is” with the authority that a conscious creator is able to command his or her words with because we have learned to use the sacred word like a sword.

Now is time for us to stand up and unite before our species borders the brink of extinction because of all the crap that is being put into bodies that are response-able for themselves once they have received the pollution; and so we together must come together in the name of the violet flame and begin doing Violet Flame decrees daily as part of the SPECIAL Practice, as one power-full tool we have access to.

I’m going to start sharing the meaning of the SPECIAL Practice tomorrow so that we can create one together this month and what I hope is that you will invite some of your friends to participate with you so that it can be a fun growth infused process. And I hope that we can forgive ourselves and those who have hurt us in the past so that we can call more of our soul fragments back to the pre-sent moment where all of our power exists.

Excited to share the plan with you tomorrow on the 33 day of a series that has, yet again, truly changed me!

Enjoy your day and the Fruitful Darkness that is all around us (Trevor Hall sings those lyrics while I write now). And dare to take a chance that scares you, for at the end of your life it will only ever be the chances we fail to take that we dwell on,

Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. While I had intended to finish the 33 Days to Dream a New Dream Together Series in the month of February it just wasn’t meant to be and that’s ok because I’ve become really happy being me and I want to impart that sense of inner-security on others because of the energetic signature I now embody and the perspective I have because of the journey I have been on and just want to remind you that your timing and the Divine Plan’s timing may be different too so be graceful with yourself and keep moving consistently toward your goals on a daily basis, toward doing what makes your heart sing! It will be worth its weight in gold, just as you are – did you know?!? We’ll get into that another day…

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