33/33: The Universe Works In Funny Ways & Always Offers A Choice *Mental Health Summit TODAY!*

It’s the final day in the 33 Days To Dream A New Dream series and while it took me quite a bit longer than 33 days to write all the emails, the timing of them all was poignant even if no one else could see the significance of it.

I am used to seeing things that others don’t because I don’t look at life literally alone, but instead I look at it multidimensionally considering the symbolic, mythic, energetic and literal levels of meaning that every situation offers perspective into.

What I know is that when I started that series I had no idea specifically what the solution was but I had faith that going through the motions consistently and diligently meant that I would find something valuable and on the last day of the series I am hosting the first Mental Health & Harmonizing Hue-Manity with Music Summit at 3:30pm EST that is part of what I was hoping for but didn’t fully understand yet.

What I did inner-stand was the need to follow the signs of the Universe to the next right action and to let that be enough and I am learning to accept that quite well now compared to ever before.

Earlier today I recorded a message I got up that you might want to check out because it’s fun and infused with light codes from the frequency where I’m dialled in to get the information that I do. Not calling myself a channel because that could get one’s sanity questioned, but I am saying that I don’t often think about what I’m saying until I’m saying it because when I’m streaming live I trust my intention to do well by those listening knowing that my heart is founded on discovering the truth.

And thus I invite you to come to the Summit in just a couple hours, sign up for the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Meetup Group, and to prepare to develop a SPECIAL Practice that will honour all of who and whose you are the way we came here to do.

Thank you for your support and encouragement along the way and for getting what you need from the messages sent your way. I’d love to hear what the greatest takeaway you’ve gained would be and how you are using it to bless the world.

Looking forward to sharing what’s to come with you this month on the call!

Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. I found the video of me telling the story of Maybe to the officer on my way to the hospital when I went out of my head and fell squarely into my heart. Jump on the Summit to see that with us live :I *and yes, it does make me cringe a bit.*

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