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8/33: Our Journey Introduces Us To Key Pieces Of The Puzzle

January 19 we will gather in the name of health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and togetherness – before the American Inauguration Day – at 7pm EST for the next PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Summit 2021.2. I hope that you will mark your calendar and make it a point to get yourself on that call.

I am grateful for what we got to be part of when we shared the experience that we did in the last gathering that needed to happen and next time we hope you can share the experience with us. Those who were meant to be there were present for the first summit of the year which you can check out here now.

Commitment is everything because when it’s on our heart it is often aligned to our purpose and calling in life. So we must heed the call for adventure like Fatima, the Shepherd’s love interest in The Alchemist, had explain about desert men and women who understand he must leave in search of his treasure and then come back with stories to enrich the lives of those he had to leave in order to find them.

Your journey is what makes your character the one you play in this life but we were not taught the amazing and alchemical nature of our own cell-ves or taught the power of our creative potential because that would have been inconvenient to the rulers of the worlds we have allowed ourselves to create so far in our personal, professional, public, private and cyber realities.

Think about how difficult it can be to manage all of your ‘presences’ online, and your in person commitments too, and then understand that we’re being called to make a grand overhaul of what exists and is considered acceptable by getting ourselves organized internally and externally too.

To ensure this transition between who we were into who we’re becoming we are going to start gathering each Sunday so that we can unite in the name of clearing collective karma using the violet flame and sacred teachings that will help you feel empowered to tackle the week ahead and transmute the negative karma stored in our electronic belt as individuals and citizens within a collective karmic belt too. The latest episode of The Michael & Laura Show was about the Electronic Belt so definitely check that out here!

Now it is our chance to band together as light-workers with a global presence and I hope you’ll join for some of the upcoming events accessible through the events tab I am now doing better to keep updated – updating those was why this didn’t make it to you sooner but I forgive myself and appreciate your grace in understanding the missed day too.

I will also be hosting my regular Empowerment Group Coaching Calls (every other Monday at 7pm EST starting January 18) where you can bring your spiritual questions to the table and I can either offer you an answer, or hold space and help you find the answer from within. Monday January 18 will be the first meeting of its kind and I would love to have you join – it’s by donation but I have put the price to $11 in the Meetup group for the new beginnings it represents. Would you be interested in bringing your soulfull questions to the table to discuss live with others willing to step up and get their questions answered too? Reply to let me know so I can consider that in my prep for it.

I am reading The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz tonight at 7pm and read the first chapter last year: catch that clip here.

I’m also cohosting a Summit this afternoon called Modern Matrix Mind Mixing where we will discuss the quality of questions we are willing to ask ourselves and the ones who are currently calling the shots. And if you’re free at 4pm EST to discuss it with us I’d love to have you on the zoom call you can access once you register for the Meetup group through the event.

Looking forward to seeing a few of you there and to seeing this movement grow too!

Grateful to be sharing the journey with you,

Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. I’m doing a lot and feel very grateful to have access to all that I’ve found to share what I am. I have been learning grace and patience over the years and now am stepping up to be the change I seek in the world alongside others willing to do the same! I hope you’ll choose to be one of them and if not, ask yourself why not!?

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