9/55: A Beautiful Day Intentionally Perceived To Be Exciting Because I Chose To Make It That Way!!!

It’s a day of new beginnings as I began writing this message at 11:11am, the quintessential moment of alignment when all possibilities are available to us based on what we do with the time we are given.
Today at 3:30pm EST I will be gathering with other PEACEFULL INNER Warriors, Soulfull Seekers, Musicians, and generally bored Individuals, who may be open to what will come up in the Second Mental Health & Harmonizing Hue-Manity With Music Summits we are hosting.
To give you incentive to attend I’m going to give you a brief overview of what we will be looking at today, that we know of so far:
– Mental Health Basics: Why We Are More Than Our Stories
– Why Mania Makes People Uncomfortable: When Our Give-A-Damn Button Breaks
– Planet You, Planet Earth & the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Movement
– How Our Belief System Develops Naturally & What Is Normalized (Autodomestication)
– Excerpt from The Creative Power of Sound: Affirmations to Create, Heal and Transform by E.C. Prophet
Please do join us for this enlivened conversation here:https://zoom.us/j/93836993689?pwd=WjhhUnZLdmNvQVA1UEJlR0ZiTGFlQT09

Meeting ID: 938 3699 3689

Passcode: PEACE

Then later on at 7:44pm EST I’m hosting the first group Empowerment Coaching session of its kind and am hoping that this then helps people become comfortable with the idea of becoming a Patreon sponsor so that I can continue to do what I love and what I feel inspired to act on without having fear of how to provide for myself. And thus I’m doing what I feel called to regardless of what compensation I receive and am also saying thank you in advance for your provision in exchange for the value you derive from what I offer you as often as I can muster. No pressure if it feels stressful; I only want you to be a sponsor when it feels fun to know you’re helping!
Tonight I’ll have my Oracle Card Decks nearby and guests will be able to come on to ask a personal or professional question that I’ll be glad to either offer insights into, ask a deeper question into or to hold space for while reaching for answers you didn’t know how to find on your own.
It’s going to be epic simply because it’s so fun to me that it can’t help but bless those who attend and I hope that you’ll choose to come into that closed community environment. We won’t be posting the recording because this is about others being vulnerable in a safe and contained space so video is required to be on the call 🙂
The link for the Group Empowerment Coaching call at 7:44pm tonight is here so please come and let me know how long you’ve been receiving my messages! I’d love to know what value you receive from them and what questions they bring up for you:


Meeting ID: 943 7150 0447

Passcode: PEACE

And given that it is now rounding out the 30 minute per article rule I wish I’d love to say I have for myself, I’m going to call it enough for now and hope to see you on the Summit or Coaching Call later today!

I would also love to know how things are in your world and what spiritual questions you might wish you could ask and I’ll do my best with them tonight on the coaching call. This one is just for those who make it into the room!

Blessings sent your way,

Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. People sometimes make accusations about things they don’t understand until you have brought into fruition the thing you dream of and yet they cannot see it. Somehow they have failed to understand the law of gestation and that’s ok. Let them think what they will of you and hold strong to your course dear one, you are on the right track if you are following your heart instead of social convention and tradition.


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