A 22:22 Message about Symbolism and more…

The other day I was visiting with my Mom after her return from Mexico and she made a comment as she went through the cards she’d removed from her wallet before her adventure that she’d found my brother’s business card for the Pharmacy where he works. Its number is 777 which is a master number of spiritual transformation to the max.

If you think about the symbolic significance of a number repeating itself it becomes a pattern which can be replicated and recognized. And then we must remember that everything matters so we must then pay attention to the number that is showing up in sequence to offer us validation that we are in flow.

That’s when abundant synchronicity starts to show up and we must realize there is more for us to glean under the surface if we’re willing to look under the veils and masks that we have adopted and come to believe are a paper-mache like skin.

She dismissed the idea because it doesn’t reflect her map of the world and I was offended because I am done letting others put down my B.S. simply because it isn’t theirs. I realize that my beliefs are simply ideas I’ve agreed with because the winning one has made the most sense for me, but it doesn’t mean mine is right nor does it mean hers is wrong.

We just think so differently and are both so strongly minded that unless things are dealt with as they come up they fester and eventually see, usually, me blow up emotionally and then feel bad about having damaged the relationship when we were both doing the best we could with the level of awareness we had up to that time.

It’s been our way for three decades because I didn’t feel like I could fully be my authentic self and now I’m to a place where I can’t not be who I am without feeling shame for being my authentically fabulous self. I choose not to feel guilty about shining my light for others to see in the darkness of disillusionment.

I understand I am only responsible for how I respond to the emotions that arise within me and my environment.

Environment is a huge influence in our lives so we must be cognizant of how our choice of friends, membership, experiences and the like are influencing who we see ourselves to be and what we believe about our potential.

If it came as a result of following an inclination to turn around and ‘get on the highway from where we are’ is like putting my destination into the GPS and going with the flow all the way there. Be like the missile that flies off course 99% of the time but makes slight adjustments every step of the way to reach the destination without necessarily following the usual path.

There are many ways to the same destination if we’re willing to get creative and curious, as well as become a conscious participant in the apparent mistakes we make along our way. Sometimes those are the very best blessings we could possibly receive.

As I drove along after recording a video I sincerely hope you will check out here, I found out that instead of going to Brantford to yoga as I’d planned I was on the 401 East going toward Cambridge where one of my soulfull allies lives. Brian has been with me for many years on various adventures and has always helped with my website stuff as and when I needed him, not to mention the many healing modalities he has shared with me over the years too. His sister even has a degree in technology and is starting her own business I found out last night when I realized I was meant to drop by and catch up with him and his family members.

He has a wonderful Mom, sister and brother who are all gracious hosts and friends in their own right because I have developed a relationship with each of them individually because I’ve found something to connect about with each of them and they with me. We have become resonant to our own conversation.

Conversation leads to connection and when you have a lot to say it can be hard to feel the need to repeat your beliefs repeatedly about the same topic for many days in a row as I am doing as part of a mastermind group I’m in.

All that to say that I am publishing something each week day for 21 days in a series called Belonging: A 21-day Adventure Home To Myself and today I had a spontaneous adventure that resulted in a video that ended around the 22:22 mark and thought of the conversation I had with my Mom about how I make everything significant when she just sees a number.

It’s the same as someone that doesn’t believe in the healing power of essential oils or crystals where our disbelief in their power renders them useless.

I believe it is time for us to consciously participate in the creative process with the understanding that everything is as significant as we allow it to be in the moment we experience it. Instead of judging things as good or bad we instead look at it from a neutral perspective so we can notice what emotions are influencing our current experience and perspective.

In the video I welcome you to check out on my YouTube channel, I am hereby offering an insight into my experience of belonging through the Soulfull Warrior’s Quest for I.N.N.E.R. P.E.A.C.E. I’ve been writing my book about for nearly two years and happen to be in the editing phase of while working two part time positions and juggling private clients.

It’s a busy time but I absolutely love the freedom the constraint gives me to be creative and give myself permission to post this authentic transmission with a link to the one that flowed from me from my Aunt and Uncle’s home where I have found belonging and creative inspiration on many an occasion since I returned from England and started writing a book that has completely transformed my self-image and the life I lead because of it.

I hope you will engage this content for what it is: an offering of an alternative perspective that I believe could very well serve you. Please leave a comment and share it with a friend who would benefit from learning about:

  • emotion management
  • actionable inner peace
  • healthy and functional creative patterns
  • soulfull self-healing techniques
  • and more woo-woo magick..

Many references to these kinds of things are made in a video I am quite proud of for how it summarizes what I’ve been working on for so long, in a medium that I absolutely love and that was fun to do.

Sometimes we need to stop trying to fit our own creative expression into the box that someone else outlined and we agreed to before our own inspiration called us off-course… these are the kinds of things I’ll be sharing in some webinars, courses, workshops and even a community I’ll be launching later this year…

It’s a time when everyone is vying for our attention and I am encouraging you to be discerning of who you grant authority to in your world. It’s something I’ve written about in my book and that is coming together nicely too.

I can’t wait to share that with you and am glad to already have this ready for you. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I value your opinion but not more than my own, because I have learned that I must always be the first one to like my own posts so that the rest are just bonus. Think about it… and let me know what you discover by commenting on my video page.

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Check out Wild Wild Country on Netflix if you have some time because it’s an incredible portrayal of soulfull warriors who paid the price of embodiment in order to become the one they were waiting for. More of this kind of thing in my video here.

PPS. I’d love to get one of my videos to go viral and I’d really love for it to be this one! While I would be thrilled with even just 100 likes and comments about what this message means to and for you… that would be such an honour of recognition from the Universe to have so much engagement and yet it’s also terrifying to finally be stepping out from behind the Parapet to stand behind what I believe in which is how resourceful we all truly are… thank you for your attention and active engagement with the contents of the box I am selling you here as everyone else is doing all the time too. Discernment is your response-ability and I’m soon going to have a toolkit you can use as your guide, but in the mean time check out this message which is a summary of what to expect in my book.

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