A Conscious Compilation Project To Harmonize Hue-Manity (Meeting Tomorrow)

Happy Winter Solstice and high vibes wished your way day!

What an intense time it has been energetically, symbolically, mythically and literally for so many!? And what an intense time the forthcoming days will be too!?

On the 22nd day of each month until July we’ll be gathering for a meeting to harmonize hue-manity, one consciously composed song at a time, and you’re invited.

Album22.com is where you can access the playlist for the first project that launched on July 22, 2021 and now we’re working on the next installment of an opportunity we’ll be launching on the one year anniversary of the last.

The difference is that this time you could be a contributing artist if you’re willing to come on a journey inward with myself as your guide and other men and women from around the world who are willing to heal the scared side within so a more responsible leadership team is able to take the soul throne of our INNER worlds. For when we embody a new energetic signature because we’re reintegrated aspects of ourselves we previously denied, rejected or abused, we are able to bring higher level creations to the world because we find more to be possible from the higher vantage point an expanded perspective offers.

This project has taken shape differently than the last, thus far, because so much changed for both myself and Jared Wade with madhattermusic.org in between when we launched the first project and announced the second one.

We also expanded the deadline from February to July so those wishing to participate in the experience have time to integrate the internal and external shifts that result from this project, and also create new music that reflects an expanded awareness.

One of the requirements for being a contributor to this project is to attend our monthly meetings and/or workshops we’re hosting to facilitate this growth experience that also gives each of us a chance to give back to a community of common unity designed to uplift, inspire and inform other like-minded men and women who share music as a passion, hobby and/or business.

As we round out the year, I’ll share the transformation of self-image experience that I’ll be offering to guide participating artists through uncertain times with a greater sense of certainty which will include a SPECIAL workshop on (Un)Boxing Day for anyone interested in giving back through presence while going up in awareness, internally and externally.

Join us tomorrow (Dec 22) at 9:30am EST to get the details live and connect with other participating artists and creatives too:

Meeting Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83616680412?pwd=RllHSjhwUjZheC9XYWRuUGlXcVJKQT09

Or login using the Zoom app with Meeting ID: 836 1668 0412               Passcode: PEACE

We will review the requirements for participating in this project, catch up with conscious collaborators from Album 22 and those who have raised their hands for this one too, and I’ll share the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul in relation to the intention behind this project.

Really looking forward to transforming our self-image, individually and collectively, through this project and the other opportunities that come from here so join us tomorrow and let’s ride the wave of transformation together!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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