A Forgotten Belief System Veiled By Foolishness: Happy New Year!

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Every belief system comes with traditions, ceremonies and practices that either bring us together or tear us further apart.

What if we were to start asking more questions and actually holding space for the answers to emerge after we’ve asked them?

On this particular April 1st which is commonly referred to as April Fool’s Day I wonder if you’ve ever thought about why this day, of all days, should be considered a day more foolish than any other?

Here’s why. Before the United Kingdom was united and the Gregorian calendar fully adopted, paganism was popular. It followed the natural cycles of life while also giving people structure with moral and social expectations to live their lives by but when the Gregorian calendar changed its start date to January instead of April, Christian enforcers used public shaming to overshadow the original tradition.

Anyone that celebrated April 1st as the mark of a ‘New Year’ were laughed at and ridiculed and overtime the joke stuck but the legend behind it fell out of the story.

We have become such a transactional society that we have stopped asking for the story behind the lesson, we just want the gold and to be gone. It’s time to slow down and get back to the truth of what really matters.

Instead of accepting things as they are without question, it’s time for us to ask questions about how they came to be that way and how they’re functioning in their current position.

It is time for us to realize that belief systems have become the B.S. that separate us from each other, unless we are willing to dig deep into the question “what does this mean to and for me?” and “why is this significant?”

Instead of treating today as if it were just a day about pulling pranks and practical jokes on one another, what if we used it as a figurative reset that holds the same level of potential we generally apply to December 31? What if we chose to see today represent a new year ahead without judgement of the past and all that has or hasn’t been accomplished to date?

What if we chose to make today a new beginning in our relationship with ourselves, both individually and as a collective?

What if we chose to mark April 1, 2019 as the date when we reformed some of our belief systems to better serve us?

What if this year we shifted our definition of a fool to someone who doesn’t consciously analyze the information that crosses their path without trying to understand the hidden significance behind it?

What if this year you chose to make today a new beginning just because it holds more opportunity than if we viewed it as just  another day?

Play well my friends.

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton


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