A Poem To Come Home To Yourself

dear self-playing small doesn't serve

“I see you.

You matter.

I love you.

I accept you.

I celebrate you.

I love playing with you.

I love being me and wish the same for you.”

What if this was the way we started our day?

What if nice things were the first thing we said to ourselves?

What if we chose to see more hope and possibility in the reality we are surrounded by than the alternative that often distracts us from seeing the beauty of our own potential?

Fear is a deceptive tool used by the dark side, and by dark side I mean the part of our awareness that we haven’t yet shone light on. It’s the part of our personality that we haven’t fully built out and instead tried to tone down in order to seem more desirable or acceptable to others.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real in tomorrow’s yesterday, and while it isn’t a true reflection of the potential we keep stored in those rooms we shut down in the castle of our inner world, it certainly feels pretty real in the moment.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself questions in those moments of fear, and then sit and listen to the answers that come, because they will.

We are intuitive beings who cannot help but receive Divine guidance.

Did you know that?

Of course you did, you may have just forgotten after so long pretending to be less than you actually are.

What if we started our day on the note we would like to move through our day on?

What if we were willing to be kind, compassionate, considerate and contemplative of what the things we encounter mean to and for the person we are in the process of becoming?

What if we were willing to love ourselves enough to treat ourselves with the care of a pet or child that requires our attention?

Violence and abuse is prevalent in communities that lack these qualities and reflects what so many hurt people are unwilling to do for themselves, and that is ‘be kind’.

Our outer reality is a reflection of the thoughts we think, beliefs we agree with, behaviours we develop as a result and the outcomes we enjoy or endure as a result.

Don’t confuse yourself with your potential and be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone to try something you’ve never tried so you can find what you’ve never achieved before.

Revert to these statements, or some variation of them that resonates for you more, whenever you feel alone. Know that while these words were written before you needed them, they have crossed your path now because you are ready for them and the Universe always provides exactly what we need for where we are when we’re ready for them.

“I see you, you matter, I love you, I accept you, I celebrate you, I love playing with you. I love being me and wish the same for you.”

Feel into this and what it means to and for you until you’re able to make it your own.

By then your world will be greatly improved and you’ll forget what you didn’t know.

That’s why journalling through your transformation is so important, and why putting a date on your entries is key. One day you will forget where you currently are, how you were feeling, what you were doing, who you were with, and why you felt the way you did. It may not feel that way now, when your problems feel so big and insurmountable, but in the same way these words found you now, you are attracting everything you need to reach your next level of awareness and the discomfort is a part of that too. Trust yourself and trust the process that is guiding you back to yourself.

It’s the journey we’re all taking and many paths will lead you there, it’s up to you to decide which ones will serve you best in the moment and to act accordingly.

Be willing to love yourself that much and play nice, with yourself and others. We’re all precious and we’re all lost until we come home to ourselves within the inner kingdom of our internal environment.

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