A Profound Lesson In Forgiveness & Calling Our Power Back To The Present Moment


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The full moon last night has definitely triggered some significant growth, insights and closures to outdated chapters in my own life and I shared some reflections yesterday in the latest installment of “Truth Time in the Tub” that you can check out here:

This weekend I’ve also had some challenging conversations with group members in the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Assembly group to keep the shares and discussions inwardly oriented given how much external drama has recently been shared, with good intentions, while I was going through my own internal processes and let loose the reigns for a while.

I don’t wish to use the reigns of power I naturally have as the creator of the group yet I will when the chariot is off-course, the course material being an unscripted neuro-track that must connect back to the heart though I am still in the process of figuring out how to make this process easier to maneuver for others than it has been for me; there is no specific track to follow on the journey inward, back into the heart, because it’s personal and based on the stories we’ve written with the lives we’ve lived so far (and previously in ‘past lives’ we are largely unconscious of).

A realization I had this week while returning to one of Caroline Myss’ programs while travelling the roads is the connection between the Soul Realignment training I took and practiced over the last decade and Caroline’s theory around the gift of betrayal in our soul’s evolution. Caroline says that in order for us to uncord our power from the ‘group mind’ and connect to our personal will in its place trusted Belief Systems (and group bodies) must fail us in order for us to unplug from the external sources we have plugged into.

This hits home at a deep level for me given the experiences I’ve had in recent years, particularly the months leading up to the official start of the con video game drama that began March 18, 2020 which marked the first day visitors were no longer permitted in hospitals; I know because my beloved Grandma was in one at the time and we saved the last visitors badge that had the date wrote on it prior to her death (of a broken heart) on April 11 after weeks of not being visited by those she’d devoted her life to. Speaking to a friend yesterday at the gathering I did the above video about, who was a social worker at the time, she said March 17 was the last date she worked from the office before being mandated to work from home. So the reminder of the official kick-off date is fresh in mind.

Reflecting back on the Soul Realignment training (and multiple others I invested in with the creator of that system) which was designed to access the Akashic Records to gather soul insights from the energetic library that contains all of our soul’s choices, I gained a lot of insights I wouldn’t have otherwise yet don’t practice the system because it follows a structure limited by the awareness of the one who created it, as all existing information is capped by. Additionally, the creator of it was one of the people I had called on when I was in an expanded state of awareness in Arizona, her home state, when the fight between the FEARFULL and faithfull kicked off in me while trying to call for a “Preliminary PEACE Summit” that I had no business calling, except I did because it happened later the same day I’d called it in a different way than I’d planned.

She could tell the fight was strong and didn’t come to help despite my request, though there really wasn’t anything she could have done because I was unraveling my identity from the entities my allegiance to their Belief Systems (BS) was feeding despite my lack of awareness of that fact. So in failing me when I needed her most she fulfilled her purpose and soul contract in my life, I believe, and maybe it’s not done, yet I no longer use the system though did take with me what insights hold truth, for which I am grateful.

The one that jumped out at me recently, in relation to the lesson of betrayal in the formation of personal identity, is the nature of soul ties and why Caroline says only a soul who loves us dearly is willing to give us the lesson of betrayal we require in order to unplug from external power sources that have fulfilled their purpose, at that level in our lives.

By uniting my understanding of these women’s Belief Systems I came to realize that betrayal creates soul ties we take with us into subsequent lives and then need to uncord ourselves from without context for why they were formed in the first place, such as what my Soul Realignment training enabled me to do for those who took advantage of the opportunity to get a reading while I was offering them.

While Caroline didn’t talk about the soul ties connected to betrayal in the program I was listening to she shared a story I told a woman named Joy (befittingly) at the gathering yesterday that I wish to share here to drive the point home about the power of forgiveness in severing soul ties.

Caroline shared the story of a shamanic friend of hers who was a native man who left his tribe as a teen, with another younge boy from the tribe, who then roamed freely, linking up with a German boy doing the same. So together the three travelled and wound up on a ship where, as an artist, David (the main character in this story) sketched some scenery that included war ships that were turned over to authorities. This led to his being recruited as a soldier in the war, believing he’d be an artist as he’d been recruited for, yet instead he was made to be an interpreter of the Navaho language which was used as a code by the Germans, which was his mother tongue.

He was placed behind enemy lines to do his work and wound up getting caught and tortured extensively, including having his feet nailed to the ground and made to stand that way for 3 days of excruciating pain. Eventually he was deemed inconsequential to his enemies and was being ushered to a train by the barrel of an impatient and uncaring guard’s gun who prodded his limping body to the caboose he was to be sent to Auschwitz in for extermination, except the divine had a greater calling for him.

At some point during this painful ‘final walk’ to the trains he made eye contact with the guard digging the barrel of his gun into his back and it was the German boy he’d travelled with prior to the war; they recognized each other and the soldier made different plans for him.

He wound up in a coma for 2+ years and when he ‘came to’ he was informed he would never walk again so resigned himself to live out the rest of his life as a patient in a Veteran’s hospital. He wanted to return to say his final goodbyes to the tribe he had been born to before going so did.

When he returned, the elders held council and came back to say he had left his spirit in Germany and needed to call it back so, tying a rope around his waist, they threw him into deep water and told him to call his spirit back. This meant he had to go through all of the not-now moments where he’d left pieces of his soul and find forgiveness for those involved in those memories.

He told Caroline that when he was a prisoner and too weak to fight back, one of the German guards had shoved maggots into his mouth daily and finding forgiveness for that man was more challenging than standing on those nails for three days but the moment he did the soldier appeared in his mind’s eye and said “that was the only food I could find to keep you alive.” And so it was that the lesson was only able to be revealed after he’d extracted his power from the memory and no longer held the image of his persecutor, who turned out to be an ally in disguise.

And so it is with us that until we are able to extract our energy from the memory we stopped moving the e-motion in, we cannot mine the experience for its lesson and benefit from the true gift of the situation.

We won’t be plunging into cold bodies of water on June 25th when we gather for the Making Friends with your Emotions: Breaking Up With The Bullies Within workshop but we will be calling our spirit back from memories that have stored components of our power for long enough. It won’t all happen at once, which would be too overwhelming for most who haven’t been broken open the way Shaman Healers and Warriors have been, but we call our power back in a similar fashion to how we climb a mountain.

One intentional step at a time, without judgement and with appreciation for how each painful experience gave us an opportunity to step into greater wholeness at the level of the soul.

With love and respect,

Laura jeH – Namaste

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PPS. The man whose story I shared was named David Palladin and you can find more of his wisdom about being an artist here if you wish to.

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