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Laura grew up in a rural farming community where she never quite ‘fit’ in despite her best efforts. She was blessed to belong to a family that loved her but school was another story. Her low esteem and need to be liked made her an easy target for bullies looking for power, and, without knowing any better, she gave it to them freely.

A major turning point came half way through grade 10 when she decided she was no longer willing to stay where she didn’t feel welcome, valued or safe. She transferred high schools and recreated herself, and loved the freedom that came with it, but without tools to transform her self-image she brought her insecure self with her.

Over the years, low self-esteem lead to a secret eating disorder, relationships with partners who didn’t respect her, unnecessary surgery and even an addiction to marijuana that threw her into a tail spin and jeopardized her most precious relationships with those who loved her most.

“The value of your inner real estate is directly tied to how you maintain and develop the land you’ve been entrusted with.”

– Laura JE Hamilton

Laura always knew she was meant to be a teacher but following the traditional path into the school system just did not seem meant for her. When her parents separated the summer before high school, her Mom found belonging and strength through religion while her Dad began exploring spirituality. Her curiosity for these alternative insights foreshadowed her purpose and commitment to helping others find their power as she has. While self-destruction was part of her growth process, each experience took her deeper into her shadow so that she can serve as a guide for other Soulfull Seekers on their journey back home, through the heart.

When she became certified as a Founding Partner with the John C. Maxwell Certification program for Coaches, Teachers and Speakers (2011) her commitment to cutting through the veils of social expectation and conformity was solidified when she moved to England to pursue a relationship with one of her mentors in the program. She lived there for 3.5 years and discovered many soulfull teachers and modalities in the process that stretched her awareness and helped her find her authentic power. Not right away, but that was purposeful too.

For years she joined various communities looking for her tribe when all along she was gathering members of one that will serve the world in liberating us from the false confines of comfort that have kept us all playing too small. Her greatest message is that you are not alone, you are just so powerful it terrifies you and that’s ok. It scared her at first too but together we are creating a space where it is safe to stand in our glory with others who are willing to do the same.

Laura is committed to the movement for I.N.N.E.R. P.E.A.C.E. and you are meant to be part of it! Join our Facebook community today and know that you can fit with us!

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Dear SOULFULL Seeker and Fellow Hue-man Being,

Thank you for landing here Where Misfits Fit and may you discover Universal secrets, practical templates, life hacks and important introductions to thought leaders of our time who have ideas, often channeled, about what’s actually happening that are important for you to consider.

Who really knows what’s happening?

People do, certain ones, but it takes the right people to find those people and we truly need to connect now more than ever to build a web of interconnection that sees us drop the walls on the boxes we used to keep ourselves safely separate and instead overlap the edges to become the bridge to a better world.

Sounds idealistic maybe, but what I do know is that the more of us who band together and unite in the name of peace, hope, strength and freedom, the greater chance we stand to maintain the rights and freedoms it is obvious many of us have taken for granted up till now.

We are living in a time when we must develop eyes to see the lies that we are being sold and told by media outlets who are owned by those who dictate what can be told, and even how it’s meant to be relayed. Think tone, speed and frequency of delivery aren’t intentional?

Think again, or maybe just even think for the first time in a while because the mainstream narrative shown on ‘your regular programming’ is running a fearfull story that only those who do not question the system believe.

What do you believe about what’s actually going on???

It is time for us to start questioning the system, the rules, the ones we’ve given our power to and the generational B.S. (Belief Systems) we inherited that make it so easy for us to sell out to the highest bidder.

Well now we’re all being called to step up as leaders of the new world we are creating now together and there is not only a fight going on in the world we share, there is also a fight going on within each of us that is contributing to that battle between good and evil.

You are not in this alone and never need feel you are again because now you’re invited to connect with others who like you believe that change is not only necessary, it’s also well underway and we get to decide how we want the sand to fall. There are many ways to get involved in the #innerpeace movement so sign up for the complimentary emails above and let’s stay connected to see how our puzzle pieces in this grand puzzle of life fit together!

Much love and many blessings wished your way today and all-ways,

Laura JeH – Namaste