An Invitation To Join Us @9pm EST Today + Catch Up On Recent Calls

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I’ve been writing up a storm but only those I’ve conversed with privately know it, or who watched the latest Kingdom Within PODCAST episode from last night with Katia Palmeri, yours truly and two switched on gentlemen we enjoyed connecting with after the stream was shut off because some perks to getting yourself in the room must remain sacred.

Tonight at 9pm EST you will have an opportunity to experience more deep level, conscious conversation with Dan the Christian Man, Ethan Lucas, yours truly (Laura JeH) and more switched on folks who want to break down the Alpha Bet VIA ZOOM so we can start to bet on ourselves, our cells and living well by learning to wield our words more responsibly.

Join the Zoom Meeting at 9pm EST tonight and come on a journey into words and ways of being with us:

Meeting ID: 889 0015 6747

Passcode: PEACE

With Easter fast approaching we’ve got several high level conversations to be had and will be having on Thursday April 14  at 2pm discussing “Who Was Jesus & The Tribe of Dan” – a new connection recently told me the story of the tribe of Dan and I felt the significance of it before I realized Dan the Christian Man was the first one I reached out to confirm his availability for. And so it is that I hereby recommend you either get yourself in the room or make plans to catch the replay once it’s ready.  It’s going to be lit up!

I’m going to go back to writing before some appointments with Papa, supper prep and then tonight’s call so am keeping this one shorter and sweeter than usual with sprinklings of hope and inspiration hopefully felt throughout for what these meetings mean, even if it maybe terrifies you slightly.

Cognitive Dissonance is a confused state of INNER conflict that is difficult to work through alone, especially when it relates to the buybull (as I saw it called today for the first time) which may remove the false sense of security you have previously derived from your religion (or re-legion of Belief Systems) so why not get yourself support by jumping on a call where you can ask a panel of informed and unbiased critical thinkers questions that will help you feel safe enough to accept that things can be different than you once believed they could be.

We’ll get into that more tonight but if you’ve missed any of the last Breaking Down the Alpha-Bet presentations with Dan the Christian Man then make sure to check them out – linked below.

With love,

Laura JeH

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Amazing page Laura, thank you for sharing 🙂

Thank you Glen, glad you’re receiving value and appreciate the support/encouragement 🙂

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