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Listening to Jack Savoretti’s Breaking The Rules as I figure out how to tell you this.

Yesterday was the day my hearing in zoom court was rescheduled for and despite seven lawful notices to claim my rights and non-consent to the charge or circumstances around it that have not yet been responded to, the prosecutor and Justice of the Peace have trespassed against me and put out a bench warrant for me, I am told.

I did not attend the call that would lower my standing into an inferior jurisdiction than the one I claimed to stand under as a woman.

I will be making claims once I have the names of each man or woman involved in this trespass and I will be holding them personally liable for trespassing against me to fulfill an “individual failure to comply” with the “Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020” charge that I do not consent to.

My notices warned them that their choice to continue this trespass against me would come with personal consequences and now I will officially have names of every man or woman involved, despite notice of my claimed rights and non-consent of the charge, or jurisdiction, to make a claim against each of them.

Herd mentality has always relied on the sense of protection we get from belonging to a group, yet what we must remind us all is that at the end of the day we are just a man or woman acting in a position in the orchestra of life. And even though our mistakes may be disguised by this belonging for a time, our performance matters to the overall production and a higher standard of morals is now required.

I believe this an expression of spiritual warfare for it is our souls that are being fought for, in a fictitious reality that we have been trained to believe is the Realistic Evidence Appearing Legit In Tomorrow’s Yesterday that our experience today seems to be.

Yet what so few people have been talking about through all of this feigned state of emergency is the fact our souls are the ultimate prize being fought for here and our emotions are the tools that either help or harm us, depending on how comfortable we’re willing to get with each of them. E-motions are meant to stay in motion but so often we suppress aspects of ourselves that we’re not comfortable with and when we do we stop the energy from freely moving and eventually that creates dis-ease within the system.

Is it any wonder we live in a world where so many people have health issues?

Well our health and our emotions are directly tied together because they are what also bind us together.

What do I mean? I mean our emotions are what keep us bonded to memories of people, places or things that keep us out of the present moment and thus out of our power.

Every time we give our power to someone or something outside of ourselves it is almost as if we have plugged an energetic circuit into something other than direct source connection and as a result we now have to consult things outside of ourselves to get an answer, which takes longer. For it all-ways takes longer to go with the group, especially when so many members of it are sick and getting sicker, simply because that’s the way of the current system that each of us are currently experiencing is structured.

How can we expect anything to change if we are not willing to take personal accountability for our choice to participate in a corrupt system?

The Nuremberg Trials did not deem “I was just doing my job” to be a good enough excuse to get many of the military professionals who were executed saved, and what’s even worse than the story we’ve all heard is the fact that there is a final judgement for the soul and we are the ones who will pay for going against our inherent nature which is to be compassionate and unconditionally loving.

What is important for me to put forward at this time is that unconditional love is firm because when we are honor-able we stand tall and at attention to the details of the moment, fully ready to respond to the orders issued by a respect-able commander. But respect is earned, not free-lie given, outside of the corporate or social context where positions create the illusion of division when the truth is we are all just men and women living our lives, doing the best we can to hopefully leave this world better for our having been here.

And if not, why not?

Why would we want it any other way?

Our soul is the record keeper of our energetic spending and each choice we make gets logged in our Akashic Records for karmic assignment, either for the light (causal body) or darkness (2/3D density).

I believe in my heart of hearts that the only way we will true-lie overcome the circumstances we find ourselves in now is to call for personal liability and accountability from each of us to choose responsibly.

Today at 5:55pm EST we will be hosting a closed door Empowering Leaders of Self Mastermind group where special guest Wayne Peters will be joining us to talk about Monday’s first installment of the Doctors Talk series that will take place on the following two Mondays at 9pm EST as well. Check out this Monday’s meeting with three brave Canadian Doctors who are speaking up despite the cost to themselves personally. For they understand the karmic cause and effect equation:

Pay now, play without concern ever after with greater CREATIVE freedom.

Play now, pay with interest and put yourself in a REACTIVE state of defence as a prisoner in your own skin, not feeling good alone or able to get the momentum going on our own either.

And so it is with our karmic consequences too. Which makes me want to say I’ve now got Trevor Hall’s song “Forgive” playing and it seems to tie into an important component of this that must not be overlooked but can’t be covered today.

As a final message for now I want to say that at 8pm EST I’ll also be hosting another book study on “The Human Aura” by Kuthumi (see past classes here) where I’ll read chapter 9 & 10 aloud and then we’ll talk about it. Françoise Lapchuk will read a chapter summary to get the discussion started so thanks to her!

Hope to see you at one of these opportunities today and if not, I hope you choose something that will help you connect with your soul and remember both who and whose you are and came here to be!

Someone is looking up to you, don’t disappoint them by acting against your own nature.

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Forgiveness is a huge topic and I’ll make it a point to make it the subject of my next blog. Stay tuned!

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Thanks Laura, I just came across your article through telegram and enjoyed what you said. Clear and truthful for what is happening. I greatly appreciate your work and courage. I am a light worker and speak my truth when I can but mostly help people in pain and denial (through osteopathy) trying to get their nervous systems working so they can think for themselves. In the end, it is the souls experience whether they choose light or dark, I am not judging and trying to send compassion as I feel that will heal this reality.
I don’t normally right, but your words inspired me and I wanted to let you know you are appreciated, keep going, we are almost into the light

Kind regards


Thank you so much for your response and encouragement Lyne, and for doing your part in this tipping point time in our shared story! I look forward to reading more comments about the insights gleaned or awareness triggered from the words I write. We all inspire one another! Apologies for not seeing this until so much later than when you wrote it as well! Grateful to have found it today <3

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