Day 14: Spiritual Interference, Flowing With The Punches & Trusting The Process

October 27, 2020 Michael Seegers and I were scheduled to record the introductory video to the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

I feel the honour I’ve been given to have this opportunity and was looking forward to facilitating that show but technology issues prevented us from being able to do so.

Michael has been actively involved in spiritual warfare with a rigorous energetic practice and evidence of how threatened the darkness feels was revealed in his relative inability to speak into the subject, barring the exceptional moments I’ll soon be sharing.

I got to cover the ‘dead air time’ when Michael struggled to get reconnected and I’m editing the video to pull together the highlights now – make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube station so you get notified when it’s uploaded!

It was a test and measure of patience and practice of faith in Divine timing.

We rescheduled for today instead, this time in the morning so natural lighting can support the topic, letting our environment work for us.

Day Fourteen is a reminder to roll with the punches and to not let the Universe overwhelm you when plans don’t work out as expected. There is a big difference between our plan and the Divine plan, and when we release the need to control things we’re able to adjust our course a lot easier, and without the pain.

Change is rarely comfortable but it’s the constant required for someone who is a variable creator like me. That’s a Creative Blueprint Recipe reference which I haven’t publicly talked about in a long time because I’ve been so focused on all the videos and projects I’ve been working on that I haven’t wanted to promote one-off soul readings that take time to prepare, deliver, record, send and follow up about which is the way I work with clients when I’m working with them.

I’ve hid in the public eye for a long time and something changed in me a couple months ago when old patterns became too intolerable and I’m now open to changing that, so expect some opportunities to work with me privately coming up AND attend one or both of the summits I’ll be cohosting next month and invite you to SAVE THE DATE for:

INNER Child PEACE Summit with Tim Wheatley and Laura JeH – November 5 from 4-6pm EST

INNER PEACE Summit with Richard Gordon and Laura JeH – November 26 from 4-6pm EST

It’s been nine years I’ve devoted myself to personal growth, development and spiritual, mystical and occult understanding and one more day isn’t going to hurt anyone because we’ve made it to this moment alive and ready to thrive.

Yesterday, the technical issues prevented us from covering what we’ll be covering at 11:11am EST today (October 28) instead LIVE but other nuggets were covered that wouldn’t have been had it not been for what happened, so I’m sharing it as Part One on YouTube – to be posted soon. In the mean time, I did record part of the message being played on my computer with my phone and what’s really exciting is that despite all the issues, Michael was able to introduce the distinction between a Master and an expert. That starts after the 6 minute mark, but something else is particularly interesting about the video of the video.

The double camera somehow captured the movements of energy flowing in the original screen during especially powerful points of the interview and the patterning was so cool you’ll want to see if for yourself.

I’ll also say that from the DMT ceremonies I participated in last year with a shaman I can say that when in altered states of awareness, the patterning of the Matrix we actually live in begins to look similar to what you see on the screen here.

I missed yesterday’s message but wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t had a chance to read everything I’ve sent you as is.

Life is overwhelming and frustrating at times, and during those times it’s difficult to feel creative but we must nonetheless learn how to pull ourselves out of those low level emotional states and learn to intentionally live in the penthouse of PEACE and possibility.

We’ll get to the Highrise of Emotional Awareness teaching soon, but first you can see a snippet of The Teachings of the Ascended Masters (Part One) with Michael Seegers and I. May it give you cause to ponder and question at a deeper level.

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

 PS. Sometimes I overcommit myself and used to crash hard. With this 66 days to transform your self-image series, working part time on ‘the frontlines’, conducting interviews with people I respect in my off time, then editing, posting and sharing those interviews, plus other demands,  I might not hit every day and I’m ok with that. I forgive myself in advance and would encourage you to give yourself grace to do the same too; the disclaimer is that only applies if you’re truly doing your best to do better each day. Be honest and trust yourself more – you wouldn’t have the desire in you if you didn’t have the ability to fulfill it and that reminder will be useful to remember during difficult times, and they are upon us all now.

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