Day 19: A (Dys)Functional Perspective of Election Day

It’s election day in the United States of America and the whole world is uneasy.

We’re citizens of a global community with territories and tribes that govern each other based on the direction of the ones on top.

It’s sad to say that much of the competing nowadays make for a dramatic display of the oppositions faults to justify the need for the other to win, without going into a specific vision for the future that we can all positively contribute to bringing into fruition without jeopardizing our integrity or wholeness within ourselves.

The reason for that is the political agenda seems to be leading to the trap of a one world government, which would mean complete control and domination of a people who once believed they were free and protected by abusive parents in a family unit unwilling to recognize the long lasting impact of trauma, drama, abuse and deceit. Hello 2020!

A white lie is a full lie to the person who received it as good information.

And therein lies part of the inspiration for today’s message.

The good, the great, the bad and the ugly of evil are the topics of focus today. Or should I say E-veil?

We are having a shared experience of life on Earth with different maps of the world and understandings of the barriers on topics and lands we’re not meant to enter, recognizing the way language is used to separate instead of unite as it could be used to do with proper training. The very fact we’re not taught these basic conflict resolution and problem solving skills until we have a problem is interesting, if we actually think about. But the problem is so few people actually want to think about anything outside of their comfort zone.

As creatures of comfort who have been hypnotized into a consumeristic culture of dysfunction and ‘not enoughness,’ so many people are too afraid to take a stand for something because they don’t know what’s really being fought for here.

So often we hear people say “It’s a fight between good and evil” but that’s not true.

I don’t see very much that is functional in the current cultural landscape of society and yet I see a lot of dysfunction. Even in my own life where I get to observe the relationship dynamics for what they are. Patterns. With different perspectives of the same thing based on the way we are looking at things from the comfort of our home, or the “Comfort Zone” of the known.

And so instead of suggesting that there is anything functional about the way the world is currently being governed (controlled), we must recognize that what we’re currently seeing is a fight between bad and evil, not because either candidate is bad in and of themselves but because the way they have competed has been dysfunctional and that takes them out of the realm of bad (which is functional) straight into the land of energetic veils over truth. More commonly known as evil.

One of my spiritual mentors, as the creator of the program I learned to access the Akashic Records through (Soul Realignment) is Andrrea Hess. She introduced me to the functional and dysfunctional creative polarities spectrums in 2015 when I attended one of the live events as part of an Abundance Mastery program I’d invested in while living in the UK. The conference was in Arizona and it was the month after I’d returned to Canada as a newly single woman with a fresh start ahead of me so I had debated whether to do it or not but am I ever grateful that I dared to go for it.

That side note leads to the ‘great – good – bad- evil’ creative spectrum I mentioned earlier.

The premise of the teaching is that in a Universe of duality where everything has an equal and opposite, we have to realize that good and bad are functional opposites because you can’t have one without the other. If everything was always good you wouldn’t know what it was like to experience anything else which is limiting. Bad times help us appreciate good times and that gratitude keeps us in a faithfull state.

Which is directly tied to the FEAR – Faith spectrum which are functional opposites of the dysfunctional territory of ‘Faithfully FEARFULL’ and ‘Fearfully FaithFULL’ which is where we tend to land when we become attached to the B.S. more than what it’s covering up, because that’s what energetic veils (E-veil) do.

Energetic veils invert the truth so that good looks hide evil intentions, which is exactly where the devil hides.

What we must understand as we gracefully hold space for the light to lead the way into the hearts of all leaders everywhere is to understand that the real war and what is being fought for in this thought war is our Souls and that is why we must do our best to stay pure and true like the ones who came before you and I both to lift us to where we stand today ready to take a stand for truth, honour and justice.

Our whole world is interconnected and America’s election matters to us all.

We are all far more powerful than we’ve previously conceived so instead of going down the rabbit holes of negativity, death and destruction which will play out as they will regardless, we can instead begin to dream the dream of huEmanity ‘s future and let go of our attachment to the hue of the meat suits our soul wear for this incarnation and embrace the magnificent possibilities that are available to those who are willing to hold strong and faithfully believe in better days ahead, where unity comes back into our global community.

Let us pray for us all to remember that our choices will determine that fate of our soul.

Let us feed the good wolf and build strong alliances with fellow light workers so we may be the Earth angels who bring peace to Earth!

Much love,

Laura JeH- Namaste

PS. Thursday November 5, 2020 from 4-6pm EST Tim Wheatley and I will be cohosting our first INNER Child PEACE Summit on Zoom, live streamed to Facebook so you have a couple options for tuning in and participating in uplifting discussion that will raise the vibe and help us come home to ourselves a little more all the time. Please comment to let me know you intend to be there and I’ll be glad to send you a link! For any questions or private feedback, connect with me on Facebook by joining Where Misfits Fit: Home For Soulfull Seekers and I’ll be glad to have you part of a really great community of truth tellers, lightbearers and great people!

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