Day 34: Reflecting On The Good Deeds Of Yester-days

I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t bother today.

I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard to upload all the blogs, interviews and videos that I have been, all in hopes that it will reach the person who needs it in their moment of need. It’s almost my way of being an Earth Angel on this Planet which may be what you feel you are too and rightfully so. But it’s worn me down a bit and I really just wanted to relax this morning and last night when I got back from work.

There’s just something inside me that drives me to push through that fog and keep at it though, and so here we are again!

We are all Earth Angels to each other, walking each other back home to our Divine centre.

I am learning a lot about all of that and will interviewing Michael Seegers again next week about “The Chart of the Divine Presence” to go into both Christ Consciousness and the “I am that I am” presence within us which is part of that picture.

In the mean time I invite you to check out some of the recent endeavours I tasked myself to complete and did:

Michael Seegers and I completed Part One of a series called The ABCs of Spirituality: Addiction, Belief and Chemistry where we speak about the influence of psychedelics on the path of enlightenment. Watch that here.

Tim Wheatley and I cohosted the 2nd INNER Child PEACE Summit on Thursday as well which was out of this world! I taught a conscious problem solving method along with the Emotional High Rise of Awareness teaching that has mesmorized me since I was introduced to it back in 2009. Tim lead us through an ‘inner home’ visualization that can help you find calm during times of chaos like we are living through together now.

Bishop Larry Gaiters and I also did an insightful interview the week before about The Spiritual Roots of Sickness and Dis-ease if you haven’t had a chance to check that out, it is very worth doing if I don’t say so myself!

And while there’s more I could share and point you in the direction of, even just that much may be too overwhelming so let’s just call it a day, celebrating our past achievements as a way of revisiting the memory and mining it for its lessons while recovering before the next week of growth infused opportunities too.

Mark your calendar for Thursday November 26 from 4-6pm EST if you haven’t already because that will be the 2nd INNER PEACE Summit cohosted by Richard E Gordon and yours truly so hopefully you can join in the fun live on Zoom! I send out the link 20minutes before the Summit so it’s the most recent email for you to click on at the start of the meeting :D.

If you have any thoughts or questions as you watch the videos please do leave a comment because I do read them all, I just don’t engage with disrespectful, entitled or degrading toned messages as kindness is King in my Kingdom and I don’t choose to give energy to that which I don’t want more of.

Mother Theresa was once invited to an anti-war rally and she declined saying “I will never attend an anti-war rally, but host a rally for peace and I will be there.” And so I hope you will join us in the remedy she’d recommended and use the tools already created for you to strengthen yourself as a PEACEFULL INNER Warrior.

One of the biggest realizations I’ve had recently is that I’m an empath and didn’t know it. It has been both my secret weapon and my achilles heel.

Might you be in the same boat?

We’ll talk about that more tomorrow. Have a fabulous day in the mean time!

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Courage is not just about storming the enemy and facing an obvious threat to our safety. Courage is the still small voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow.” You are braver than you think and are capable of much more than you have achieved so far. Believe me, and feel free to wear the suit in the meantime đŸ™‚

PPS. Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements: A Toltec Wisdom Guide” outlines the first agreement as “Be impeccable with your word” and fulfilling my commitment to this series today was doing that – Go me! And may you use this example to celebrate yourself when you get something right too!!!

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