Day 40: Stop and Smell The Roses, Get In Touch & Catch the PIWU2 Summit

Can you believe we’re 40ish days into this Transformation of Self-Image series?!? That you’ve had access to near daily messages from me about things that are happening in my life and I feel compelled to write about in relation to how it may apply to yours for more than a month already!?
It’s nearly hard to believe and yet it’s a reflection of the fact it’s the journey itself that changes us and helps us come home to ourselves.
When I started out 40 days ago I was a different version of the same person, but doing this consistently has really helped me gain confidence in what I do know and what I am able to do.
As I shared in yesterday’s message I’ve been putting in a lot of effort to make some important teachings available to you through the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Podcast and Summits and I’ve been sharing all of those links in the blogs that came before this one. It’s been a lot for me to put together whilst also living a full and fulfilling life, and yet it’s been worth it.
What I also realize is that it’s been a lot for you to read these sentiments each day and I wonder how doing so has changed or influenced you?
A lot has changed since the beginning of this series for us all in the months most recently passed and will in the months to come as well.
I would really appreciate hearing from you and knowing how being part of this experience has impacted you and hopefully helped you through the transformation we are each undergoing every day of our lives. That’s the message I wrote to my subscribers and invite you to join the movement for #innerpeace in a world that calls for us to return to peace within ourselves.
I’d love to know what this has meant to you, for you and as I always say “what are you going to do with it?” because that is what will move the needle on HuEmanity’s potential future and help us co-create a reality more of us can enjoy when contribution is at the pinnacle of our motivational needs.
Let’s talk about that shift tomorrow and if you missed the email from yesterday feel free to access any of the links offered in it by clicking here.
Much love,
Laura JeH – Namaste

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