Day 45: Authentic Compliments Don’t Go To Your Head

I’m on cloud 9 so to speak – though I’m now curious where that expression originates and what it actually means! If you know please help me get in ‘the know’ too by posting below!

My heart is so full as I edit the ‘INNER Child PEACE Summit #3’ Tim Wheatley and I cohosted on Tuesday and text a man I think is great! It’s been a long time since I had someone to privately communicate with and feel nourished by (beyond my many friends I am grateful to have) because I’m a lot handle; the way I text and talk with my partner is like how I write my blogs and speak on camera (generally lengthy and in depth lol) so I can be a lot for some people, but he’s on his own higher level and is able to respond thoughtfully and contribute creative musings that help me dig deeper too. It’s really nice and while I have no expectations I am grateful for the chance to develop a deeper connection!

When we were together last night I complimented him several times while we were making supper, as I often do when I’m with people, and he did the cultural thing we’ve all been trained to do which is to minimize the compliment with a “don’t make my head too big” response, like certain colleagues or friends I compliment do too.

I was texting him just now, as I was re-listening to the 2 hour INNER Child PEACE Summit with my heart overflowing with gratitude for so much in my life, including him, and so I sent him a few more compliments. Knowing it could be perceived as more ego-stroking, I clarified why it wasn’t for us both as I hadn’t been able to do before.

When I offer compliments, I do so to stroke the heart, not the head.

The head is where our conscious mind dwells, as I shared in the Summit I’d highly recommend you watch once posted; and do so while exercising, or cleaning your space, or while doing something that will honour your life while gaining tools and perspectives to become the conscious co-creator of a reality you can respect too.

When I first moved back from England I remember listening to Matt Kahn teach about Soul Mates and Twin Flames in a video while painting a shelf my Dad had built me when I was younger the gold paint I had paid a lot for for my bedroom. It was worth the extra money for the paint, and the memory of being productive while growing has always stuck with me so I recommend it to you as well!

The heart is our subconscious mind and our inbuilt feeling centre which I refer to as the Highrise of Emotional Awareness. I went into depth on that teaching in the INNER Child PEACE Summit #2 from last month you can check out here while getting a head start on cleaning up the space you want to organize in your life ;)!

My heart has been on lockdown where a partner’s concerned largely since I left England back in 2015 and I’ve been doing my best to clear the shadows from it while also compounding the scar tissue by choosing short-sighted relationships with guys who wanted physical pleasure rather than growth and going deep within, together. I wasn’t looking for anything super deep or intimate at that time either. But each of them offered me contrast that I’ve used to gain more clarity in what I want in and with a partner, and inner harmony and joy are good signs we’re moving in the right direction! Life is hard enough, we don’t need an unsupportive partner to make it even harder!

I share this lesson freely in hopes of saving someone else the difficulty I went through the darkness of my own scared side to discover.

Pain and heartbreak have a way of either shutting us down or breaking us open and as Trevor Hall sings in one of my favourite songs “You Can’t Rush Your Healing.” This is a song I’ll always associate with the 3 week sojourn that broke me open April 2019 and sparked an invaluable process of transformation in me!

You just can’t be fully present until you’ve called your soul fragments back from the not-now and that’s what we have a chance to consciously do, now with support. Having uplifters in the wings who support our heart’s mission really helps and that’s what I am doing my best to create for people with these PEACE Summits, as I foster the feeling within myself in my own life!

There is a crazy history to these PEACE Summits that I’ll share the full story behind another time, but first I’ll finish today’s message.

Not wanting to put pressure on this man to be anything other than he is, so hope he doesn’t mind the reference, I share this lesson in hopes it helps us all shift from thinking about stroking egos to nourishing hearts and nurturing souls. It is time for us to become responsible parents to ourselves, working with ourselves as gently as we would a child or an elderly loved one we slow down to keep up with at times.

We are here because we are meant to win this battle together, where the territory being fought for is our mind and the land is our heart, soul and body.

Let us use our emotions as tools to cut away the debris of the past by extracting each emotion from the memory we trapped them with for all the years since we suppressed, repressed, depressed, compressed or tried to pretend something was other than we knew it to be. Let us dig into the emotional reservoir of our history to retrieve the lessons they possess and let go of what no longer serves us, to make space for what will. Let us learn to discern when someone is stroking our ego from when they are stoking our heart’s fire so we can burn brighter in a world of darkness.

And when that special new thing comes into our life, we must pay attention to and honour the feelings that show up for how they are helping us liberate ourselves from the past and return fully to the moment, overflowing with gratitude for the beauty of life! And if we dare to be vulnerable, we can share the overflow of our love with those who dare get near the fire of our passion for truth, love and freedom!

Feeling grateful and appreciative for this perspective of life I’ve come to at this moment and for having someone to share it with. In this moment that person is you, so thank you for venturing this Sacred Sojourn through life with me!

Big love and wishes for big hearts, today and all-ways,

Laura JeH- Namaste

PS. While writing this blog/message I also recorded and posted a video to YouTube you can see here too – it starts with a lyrically significant rap by a fellow participant in an important group I’m part of that I show in the video. See it here and leave a comment so I know you’re staying connected!

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