Day 52: Transformation Through Transmutation & Time

The journey of transformation is often more progressive than immediate, so by the time you realize you’ve changed you can’t pinpoint exactly when ‘it’ happened.

Over the last couple months while working through these daily messages, a lot has changed for and in me. Considering the times we’re living through, we’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t say the same thing but as we enter the final weeks of an incredibly challenging year, I find myself excited for how much power we truly have to be the change we seek in this world!

Gaining access to the tools that I’ve been sharing through my YouTube channel are a big part of that hopefulness because I see how important the shift from me to we has been in my own life. And I feel like we have practical action steps we can take to reduce our feelings of powerlessness as a collective, by starting with ourselves.

Last week I interviewed Jacquie Phoenix who is part of a movement for political redress within commonwealth countries under Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215. She answered many questions and will be guiding us further through the required steps in a Lawfully Organized Summit designed to help ‘we, the people’ exercise our rights as sovereign beings under a treasonous regime. To see that empowering interview you can click here and decide if that is something you want to participate in too.

Tomorrow I’ll be completing the first step of that process and will certainly share the journey to make it easier for others to follow; especially given that tomorrow MPs will be voting on what to do with those who refuse the toxic load prescribed for people over whom these ‘authority figures’ have no lawfull right to govern medically, apart from the authority we vest into them.

Having been working through my own pattern of giving my power to external authorities over the past couple years, I feel well qualified to help others take their power back energetically and see the practical application of this process as necessary.

I also feel that with such extensive social opposition to a truly empowered paradigm, practicing the spiritual tools we’ve been given to support us through this transitory period in huEmanity’s history is vital.

The Violet Flame is one such tool I have been using over the past many months that could truly help support you through your own empowerment process too. For greater insight into the power of this tool, you can view the latest episode of “The Michael & Laura Show” where Michael Seegers unpacks the gift Saint Germaine gave humanity to ensure we had tools to transmute the negativity of this 3D realm we coexist in.

Many changes are upon us all as sides get chosen and souls surrender to the truths they’ve given their power to.

I am here for you through it all and will continue to share the best I’ve discovered until now in subsequent messages, as my own transformation continues through the final two weeks of this series and important shifts unfold behind the scenes.

At the end of this life we all leave naked and without the things we’re taught to give our power to while we’re here. Inner work is difficult and rarely pays a financial return until we embody the changes we make and then can charge others as their guide, but I hope you will go for it anyway. And where our govern-ment is concerned in tomorrow’s vote, I hope each of them will remember that we all face a day of reckoning when the choice to place profits over people comes back to haunt all who choose illusion over the truth.


Laura JeH – Namaste

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