Day 54: Sovereignty & The Waves It Creates

The holidays are a turbulent time and especially so when they’re compounded by the stress of fear and conflict between people we were born to and through but may not have much else in common with.

In the journey back to sovereignty we must break free from the tribal B.S. that formed our self-image and made us conform for the sake of staying safe and surviving as we have been long conditioned to do. Banishment from the tribe meant almost certain death in days gone by and while the same has not been true in recent decades as life became seemingly easier to manage independently, we don’t know how we’ll fair on our own until we have to.

Maslow broke our motivational needs down in a hierarchical pyramid that places respect above belonging and self-actualization above that at the top, and as the madness of this world unfolds in the ultimate psy-op of our time I see the way individuals have long been pushed to the fringes of a society that doesn’t get them and don’t quite know where to turn anymore.

Individuals are those who know what they believe in and question insanity even when it is socially supported.

This ‘bucking of the system’ causes tension and trouble within the tribe because others are then forced to confront the insanity and either defend it with the ideas they’ve been fed or see the truth behind what the individuals are saying and then call into question how their idols, Gods, gurus, parents or government may have got it wrong. And that realization is just too much for most to handle, especially when the propaganda and conditioning to fear the unknown has been so effective.

Questioning the norm is how sane individuals are seen to be sick, and treated for conditions they don’t necessarily have but are told they do by those trying to reduce the waves their resistance creates in the vibrational experience we are all sharing.

Growing up I was always fascinated with magic and the tales of witches, but never to the point where I took up their study as seriously I maybe should have. I just didn’t realize how relevant this ‘interesting history’ was to modern life. But now I’m learning from personal experience and it’s challenging to say the least.

It’s challenging to keep your vibe high when there is so much fear being propagated amoungst us and the misinformation and disinformation campaigns designed to throw ‘conspiracists’ off the truth abound. And yet as Michael Seegers reminds me as I face rejection from people I never expected to, “come apart now and be a separate and chosen people.”

Jesus was crucified on the cross for healing people and representing the truth of what we are all capable of. But that inconvenient truth needed to be squashed to ensure empowerment continued to be the very thing we fear most.

Discovering the power we have to create worlds of our own has been replaced with a materialistic culture where things are what we’re taught to measure our creative potential by. And yet we truly are spiritual beings having a lived experience so that we can discern truth from falsehood and truly put the devil in its place.

It’s been a pretty trying couple of days and months in the lead up to tomorrow night’s presentation on “Emotional Safeguarding Your Energy For The Holidays” and as I amp up my own spiritual practice to fortify myself from the poisonous projections coming my way, I invite you to attend the 30 minute presentation I’ll be sharing tomorrow with the “Next You – London Chapter” group at 8pm EST.

Downward emotions compound upon each other while upward emotions do the same in the opposite direction.

Today I am working to manage my own emotions as I prepare for tomorrow’s presentation and practice what I preach. While this initiation is far from easy it is clearing the way for something greater and that is what we who are willing to seek empowerment are called to bring into being together. We can and we must.


Laura JeH – Namaste

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