Day 56: Nearing The End & Cleaning House

As we round out the most trying year of most of our lives, I’m thrilled to say it’s the final ten days of this series!!!

Befittingly, one of my English girlfriends and I facetimed together as she is moving and has stored a box of things I didn’t have room to bring back with me after I left my life there in 2015, or when I returned for a visit the next year. I was able to collect much of it but one box remained at hers which she didn’t want to bring with her if I didn’t absolutely want what was in it.

She went through and showed me each item to be placed in a keep, donate or trash pile as we’re all really being encouraged to do at this powerful time of year. And while I haven’t missed most of what was in the box, we agreed she’d keep 4 of my books, burn all my journals and notes, and donate a few other things.

It brought tears to my eyes as I gave the okay to eliminate the tangible reminders of such an influential time in my life but as we approach the most significant astrological event of our time on December 21 when she’ll be burning some of my past for me in a fire ceremony I’m grateful for her to host, we agreed that the timing couldn’t have been better.

All those notes and the wisdom contained within them, much of which were from 2011/12 when I had just got certified as a coach, teacher, speaker with the John Maxwell Team and moved my life to England for a relationship that began at my certification event, the truth is that I likely wouldn’t do much with them if she were to have saved them for even longer for me.

I am grateful to have had the chance to build a life in a different country for a time, and to meet such beautiful people who opened my eyes to a new world, while helping me along my spiritual path in the process.

After ‘business’ was attended to we caught up on the last year which has included several defining moments I haven’t written about publicly yet, and as we rounded off the conversation she apologized for how my emotional state had shifted during our conversation from beaming in the beginning to tearful in the middle and end. And yet there was no need to apologize because it was healing too.

So often we get uncomfortable when people process heavy emotions because we prefer to leave others uplifted and better than when we engaged with them, but the truth is that sometimes the weight of what we share becomes the catalyst for a lighter walk forward. We just need a safe container to share them in, with someone who cares for our heart and loves us for who we truly are.

Last year I tried to spiritually bypass some necessary growth zones and the result was pretty devastating in many ways for me BUT I’m grateful for all of it because it gave me new eyes to see all that’s upon us now, in a way I never would have had I not been through what I have been.

It ruined many relationships I had thought were more solid and long lasting than they were, but it also showed me who was really there for me and she was honest enough to express her anger with me at the time for irresponsibly pursuing my enlightenment with the help of a Shaman who didn’t help with the most important part of ceremony (integration), and yet she didn’t turn her back on me and for that I am grateful.

Life isn’t easy for those of us who choose a spiritual path and before Michael and I recorded the next instalment of our series introducing the teachings of the Ascended Masters yesterday, we discussed this in a bonus segment I’ll upload as soon as I can. It offered context into what I’ve been dealing with recently and is also tied to the fire ceremony Zorah will host on the Equinox.

I intend to host my own too and will share the details with hopes it inspires you to release some baggage from your past too.

For now I’ll wrap up this message and simply say that now is a powerful time to collect that which no longer serves you in your life so that you can release the energies keeping you bound to the past during the powerfully charged times this Equinox is opening for us. It is also a good time to give thanks to those who have shared our journey and didn’t turn their backs on us when things got rough.

Sitting in tremendous gratitude today as room is made in my life for more love and life to enter and am wishing for you the same.

To go up we must give up what we used to hold onto, realizing that if we mine the experience for the lesson we can let the emotions trapped in the memory go and call our power back to the present moment; which was the theme of last night’s presentation which I’ll get up this weekend.

For now, off I go to the store to help shoppers keep their vibe high as they buy belonging at this most commercialized time of year. I’ll speak more into that too before the end of this series and have an exciting announcement to make soon too!

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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