Day 57: Safeguarding Your Energy Through The JOurneY

They say that 66 days is the true length of time it takes to change a pattern and after nearly completing that number of near-daily messages I can legitimately say that it’s the process that changes us rather than the result.

Several times over the last few years, when I was so focused on the outcomes I was working toward, I started writing this series and got overwhelmed by the task because I was fixated on the wrong prize.

I was trying to write a series that people would be able to use to transform themselves, knowing full well I hadn’t completed the process myself and felt very much in the middle of the mess of finding the message. And after a short while I pulled back and failed each time, simply because I didn’t get back up and stay committed.

I was also listening to the voices of people who don’t understand my vision, nor do they believe in it (or me) the way I trusted them to but what this year and series have taught me is the need to trust myself above all else. And as I shared in the presentation I gave to a virtual group on Thursday no one can see our vision until we bring it into fruition. Learning that lesson nearly took me out but that is what makes mentorship such an essential aspect of being a human being.

Mentorship means that we don’t have to learn our lessons in the same hard won style our mentors did, so long as we listen to their stories and then apply the lessons gleaned from their journey to our own lives.

I just got Thursday’s presentation posted to my YouTube channel this morning and would love for you to have a listen so you can learn the lessons I share from my experience without having to experience what I have in order to really get them. It’s a 48minute video packed with content I hope helps you stand in your sovereignty with greater inner security, so grab a pen and take note of what stands out for you. If you don’t have time to view the whole thing, use the movie medicine technique of clicking to the part you feel called to and grabbing that nugget! Whatever will be best, all is well.

The point in this message is to say that we must not lose sight of the journey that leads us from where we start to where we desire to go, nor can we afford to postpone our experience of joy until we get where we think we want to go. In the years I was fixated on my goal of becoming a published author, I lost sight of this Universal truth and experienced a lot of unnecessary heartache for it, yet I’m grateful to have done it how I did so my story can hopefully save others from the same fate.

JO begins the journey of life and Y completes it so let us not overlook the greatest why of all: growing through the steps we take to our goal.

I’m excited to share the next episode of “The Michael & Laura Show” about the tube of light we can all call on daily to strengthen our field and protect ourselves energetically, but am going to post a raw segment we shared beforehand when I was processing through some difficult emotions as I face harsh criticism from people I didn’t expect to and work through that. Michael offered some important insights that I feel all soulfull seekers could benefit from hearing at this challenging time of year – I’ll share the link in tomorrow’s message.

Until then, check out the presentation and let me know what it means to and for you, and what you’re going to do with it.

Much love and Christ-mass wishes to you during this sacred season of endings and new beginnings,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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