Day 59: The Journey Is Worth The Ride *Happy Solstice!*

God this feels good to be getting one day closer to the end of this series with each passing day! Which is not all I have to say, but is a good starting place (lol).

Over the past couple months I’ve had to push myself to keep up with this series if I’m honest, and as much as the 66 days felt intimidating in the beginning, it felt even more so in the middle as other priorities pulled at my attention and part of me wanted to just enjoy life without the pressure of posting something that wasn’t necessarily going to change anyone’s life that day.

And yet I kept going and am glad because each day I pressed on despite the doubt of what difference I was really making, I changed the pattern of giving up because I wanted results quickly. So in the process of doing that which may not have been profound for anyone else, I transformed my own self-image which is the only true way to help others in the long run!

And as the saying going, it takes a years and sometimes even a life time to become an ‘overnight success’ and yet that’s just because the stage is where the world sees all the practice and preparation that went into being ready for show time.

It comes down to embodiment which is part of the sacred sojourn of the soul that I’ll share in the new year as part of the SPECIAL Practice every soulfull seeker is called to create while consciously participating in the ascension process.

Through the sacred sojourn of life we must leave the comfort zone of the known in order to embark on an adventure that will stretch and grow us into who returns and shares the story of all that happened while we were gone. And even though the story is usually told from the same place we left in order to become the one people wanted to listen to, our perspective of that place and the world shifts in a way that gives us new eyes to see that which we previously overlooked.

It’s been a growth infused few months to be sure and recently I’ve had some big shifts in personal relationships that I understand and yet still shook me as the reality of them settled in.

I’m grateful to have connected with Michael Seegers and the teachings of the Ascended Masters in that time too for how he held space for me to process the hurt and offered insights I know will be helpful to others on a spiritual path too. Fortunately, I was able to record part of an especially helpful conversation we had about this before we recorded the next episode of “The Michael & Laura Show.

I got that video posted today and will do my best to get “The Tube of Light” lesson edited and uploaded tomorrow.

Would love to hear what today’s message means to and for you, and who you know that would benefit from hearing it too! It’s called “Why A Spiritual Path May Seem More Difficult” and it’s a message I wish I’d heard years ago when I stepped onto this path, yet am glad to have discovered now.

As the ancient proverb goes “the best time to plant an oak tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

You can share this message with them using the link below and I’d love to read your feedback on the video when you check it out.

Grateful to share this walk with you and look forward to getting tomorrow’s message to you too!

Many blessings until then,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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