Day 63: Boxing Day SPECIAL *All FR33 – As Are We*

Last night I wrote a thorough description for the latest episode of “The Michael & Laura Show” as my Christ-mass gift to the world, but didn’t finish editing it in time to get it out on Christmas.

So happy Boxing Day and may you enjoy this delayed gift! Best of all, it’s FR33, spelt that way to bring the sacred back into the free!

I’ve expounded on the script here and included links so you can go to some of the messages brought to the world in 2020:

In this deep dive into the forcefield of light that we are each encouraged to develop and strengthen, called our ‘Tube of Light,’ here we are guided through a short and long decree with Michael Seegers, and a recording of Elizabeth Clare Prophet leading a group through the decree three times each, thereby amplifying the energies of the spoken word (see E6 on the Science of the Spoken Word).

I’ve been using this decree daily for a few weeks most days just like I’ve been writing this email series and didn’t manage to get one out on Christmas day because many important conversations were had with many significant people and I wasn’t in an inspired place to do it until after midnight had already passed and this message still wasn’t fully ready. So I went to bed and decided to finish editing it this morning after I’d got some rest.

It’s supposed to be a time of family and last night as Papa and I ate the roast beef, potatoes, gravy and brussel sprouts he’d requested, less the tough top because I was chatting with a member of “Where Misfits Fit: Home for Soulfull Seekers” and failed to heed the nudge of my intuition to check on the roast about 20minutes before I did, my heart was full knowing I’m exactly where my soul chooses to be.

And even though it wasn’t perfect, I made it all with love so he was satisfied and appreciative in his way.

We must understand that all the inner work we do on ourselves we do 7 generations forward and backward on both sides of our lineage so I’ll continue diligently doing the inner work using the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors’ SPECIAL Practice that I’ll unveil in the new year and I’ll encourage you to recognize the significance of spiritual devotion from a karmic perspective. Michael and I talk about that in a bonus segment on “Why A Spiritual Path May Seem More Challenging” which I’d love for you to check out too.

The more inner work I do the more light I can embody and the same is true for you.

The essence of truth is eternal which is why we can feel it (resonance).

I did a lot on Christ-mass but didn’t prioritize getting out my daily email because I’m giving myself until the end of 2020 and I wasn’t really feeling Christmas this year to be honest. So instead I prepared the gift that got up this morning – HERE IT IS!!!

If you haven’t already subscribed for daily shoutouts from me make sure you do in the sign up box at as there’s a lot of profound information coming to you in the new year and I sincerely appreciate the support and ability to support you – I’ll send you messages directly when I get more of these nuggets out and also tell you more of my tale which some have been asking for.

It’s about the path I have walked in my sacred sojourn of the soul to this point, where I am now able to share the sacred teachings of the Shambhala Temple of Light Mystery School with you through Michael Seegers who serves as the Program Director and Founder of this extension of The Summit Lighthouse.

I’m new to it all but have been writing about the sacred sojourn of the soul since 2017 without these keys but aware they were close and now I’m grateful for the teachings of the ascended masters to fill in the gaps I didn’t know how to close on my own.

Michael Seegers has walked this path faithfully for more than forty years despite how much it has required of him, for he understands that to whomever much is given much is required and the rewards will be worth the effort.

Here is my expression of gratitude to my family for supporting me over the years and giving me space to find myself so that I could reveal the puzzle pieces in their correct order with the assistance of higher powers at a time when HuEmanity needs the guidance.

We can and must turn this ship around by inner-standing that we are encountering spiritual warfare that we aren’t prepared for. Michael and I spoke into that in E1 of “The Michael & Laura Show” because in order to beware we must be aware.

Let us walk each other back to the light despite the karma we must walk through to get there.

The masters say that transmuting just 51% of our karma allows us to become en-light-ened like Jesus and other ascended masters who mastered the laws of the Universe like an alchemist who can turn lead into gold and even he said “this you too can do and more.” He brought down his corona (the halo effect behind the heads of Saints) and we are called to stop fearing the integration of our own corona (Christ Consciousness) too!

The irony of the fact I’ve been reading Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist: A Fable about Following Your Dream” as I’ve interviewed Michael for episodes of this show is profound and the more I’ve learned about alchemy from the great players of the game I’ve sought out throughout my life the more compelled I’ve been to share this wisdom with others. You can hear the latest segment I read aloud by clicking here.

Masters were not born special, they were simply those who were willing to master themselves and put in the effort to return back where they began with wisdom to share from a journey that stretched them and required them leave the comfort zone of the known to become the one with tales to share of the adventure they experienced when they left the nest.

What if we real-eyes that problems are directly tied to our perspective of them and the moment we shift our focus inward onto what we are and why we’re here, things begin to shift. Knowing how to withstand the winds of change is important too so stick around for the journey back to the heart of who and whose you are with us!

We have been taught to externalize the experience of home when it’s truly a place within that we are now called to find strength within which is what “The Michael & Laura Show” is designed to do.

Love and blessings wished your way with hopes you will stay around a little longer to gain more insights shared from committed players of this game of Life we are all living,

Namaste – the light in me honours the light in you!

Laura JeH

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