Day Fifteen: Protect Your Morning, Set Your Day Up Strong!

I woke up to many messages this morning and saw one from a sacred activist friend who had sent a video. I didn’t know how long it would be but I clicked on it anyway as I went to make myself my first cup of coffee for the day, knowing it would be related to the organized crime that has taken the world by storm.

As expected it was great information, this one about Susan Standfield’s lawsuit against TransLink for ‘By Proxy Treason’ which is related to the international monies Trudeau’s government has been receiving and using to bailout corporations during this Plandemic, of which significant portions have been directed to the immoral education campaign (aka propaganda) being used to brainwash citizens into fear.

It was worth watching because she even explained that Greta Thunberg’s visit during last year’s election was technically illegal because it caused ‘by proxy influence’ from a foreign source for the current agenda, hence the hype. You can see the video for yourself on Facebook.

What I was aware of as I turned on the message was how I had just allowed someone else’s agenda to hijack my morning, the way social media is designed to do.

I remember in 2019 when I went through several incredibly difficult periods when the business of figuring out how to be me in a world of broken systems I don’t believe have the people at heart the way they promote nearly got the better of me. It took me to some incredibly low emotional states of doubt, fear, discouragement and frustration to the level I believe many people normally live at.

For someone that is as naturally upbeat and cheerful like me, going through that was helpful in retrospect because it showed me how much I power I gave to people who didn’t necessarily deserve it, they just had the confidence to put their message out there and stand behind it as I am now doing with the INNER PEACE work I’m advocating for. It’s a pattern you need to be aware of so you can beware of.

There were days last year when I thought maybe one more video or piece of information would ‘do the trick’ and help me feel prepared to share my message on the level I feel it’s meant to be shared, or to know what my message was specifically, and while I devoured hours worth of information and insight during that time none of them helped me feel prepared the way I do now.

The difference is that I’m no longer looking for an outer authority to give me permission to break the wheel (cycle) that is no longer serving the majority of us and in its place to build something greater, which relates to the video that played after Susan’s. Alberto Villoldo is a wise Medical Anthropologist turned Shaman whose message about the importance of ceremony played right after, and whose video on the four levels of creation has been an open tab on my desktop for most of the last week – see that video here.

My point is to point out the endless nature of information acquisition and the importance of getting clear about where you want to go.

As I watched myself get distracted for a while, I didn’t judge or condemn myself for it as I may have in the past. I also didn’t get trapped in the rabbit hole of self-doubt that makes me question what I already knew before I came upon the new pieces of the puzzle I discovered on my detour. Most importantly of all, I got myself refocused and while I allowed myself to enjoy the fruits of others’ labour, I also edited and uploaded a message I recorded on October 20, 2020 that covers important ground on the journey back to who you truly are.

All of this was before I got back to what I was working on yesterday which is editing the interviews I did with Michael Seegers about the Ascended Masters and other aspects of our sacred selves.

I’ll have them ready today as it’s my “day off” and with the things I’ve got lined up in the pipeline, speed is required so I’m going as fast as I can without getting overwhelmed or insecure about all that needs to happen. Slow and steady wins the race and a few sprints along the way become invaluable in the end.

Taking charge of your morning is a great way to sprint through the open fields of the middle point that may not feel significant but that is truly setting the tone for the rest of the race. Making a list of what needs to happen the day before is a great way to stay focused despite the natural interruptions of life.

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. You may have read that and thought the title of today’s message should be followed by “do as I say not as I did” but the truth is that I decided yesterday that editing and posting the two interviews with Michael were my goal for the day. Now it’s nearly noon and I’m just getting back to editing them BUT in addition to that, I now have this post and those inputs to add to my list of accomplishments at the end of the day when I plan out tomorrow. Life happens and plans don’t always unfold the way we expected, but failure to plan is planning to fail because if you don’t know where to look for the horizon in the chaos of the storm, it’s easy to go down like I did last year. 

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