Day Nineteen: What You Think You Want Isn’t Always What You Need


Ever think you wanted something and when you got it you found out it wasn’t actually what you wanted?

Last year I was hell-bent on launching an online business with a subscription service to connect like-minded individuals with the intention and desire to become better than ever before.

In a way I thought I wanted ‘success’ by the definition I had lived with for many years, but in the end I realized success for me isn’t just monetary. It’s about significance, connection and impact.

Yes money helps create more opportunities but for me it’s equally as much about who I share my journey with, whose lives I impact along the way, and how many people are able to achieve more than they’d previously dared to believe they could because my faith in them carried them over the threshold from indecision into action.

I did a bunch of trips at the beginning of last year mixing business with pleasure and growing from each experience. I liked the freedom that adventure brings with it, as well as the connections, but once I realized I didn’t have an image to fit myself into when I got back I realized I didn’t have a reason for doing what I was doing and that freaked me out.

I went into crisis after being rebirthed in the Grand Canyon because once I got back from Vegas in July I realized it was time to put my services for sale sign out and I hadn’t yet found the right avenue to package all my offerings and take people through the Hero’s Journey with predictable results.

While writing about the Hero’s Journey in my book, I was also writing about and learning to maneuvre the emotional high rise of awareness and in the end the uncertainty and isolation took me into its lowest levels.

Entering the dark night of the soul is no joke, and while we’d love to have someone come into the Valley of Transformation with us we can only become the Hero we’ve been waiting for on our own.

When I lived in England I had a partner to back me up but once I moved back to Canada, and then got my own place, I had to make it all work on my own and I wasn’t ready to.

I wasn’t finished my Saturn Return for one thing, which is like the Cosmic Life Coach that will tear away the veils that no longer serve you, and I hadn’t ventured into the lowest emotional spectrum until last August when I stood holding all the cords of my belief systems in my hand. I went low and from there began my climb back out, as I plugged my beliefs into outlets that would help me achieve my refined vision and create the legacy I want to be remembered for.

Sometimes we will do it on our own for a time and I struggled through most of that phase on my own, with the emotional support of my family, but I also had the support and guidance of energy workers I trust who helped me unpeal the layers of doubt I’d amassed during my self-perceived downfall, when I let go of the reigns in my business, gave notice at my condo and got myself a full time job at the gym where I’d been a member for years.

I remember saying to myself “Laura, you’re three feet from gold” as Napoleon Hill writes about in Think and Grow Rich. I could see how close I was and yet how far I still had to go. I could also feel how emotionally unprepared I was to take on clients when I was in a dark and confused place myself.

I’m thrilled to say venturing into such a depressed state taught me a lot about myself, my own journey, and yours too.

It also reinforced for me how important it is to build a creative baby, like a business or even a family, that reflects and respects your Soul’s creative nature and I can help you figure out what that is with a Soul Blueprint reading. It involves accessing your Akashic Records to discuss your Soul level personality and how your energetic ingredients fit together best.

While trying to do my own thing, on my own, from home, I was operating against my Blueprint and believe that is the primary reason my Soul stopped me.

I could feel I wasn’t in the flow with it but I was pushing anyway and when I finally stopped, things started to turn around and the same will be true for you.

Once this 21 day blogging journey is complete I’ll send you more information about how to get a reading for a killer deal, just because I realize how significant this information is and want to make it accessible for people like you that are ready to become the Hero you’ve been waiting for.

To get on the waitlist you can reply to this message and I’ll make sure the news hits your inbox first! In the meantime recognize that getting what we want isn’t always what we want and that’s ok. It’s just about learning to be true to you by knowing who and whose you are!

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton

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