Day One: Humility has its place…

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Humility is a virtue and a grounding force like no other.

It’s generally only when we come to our knees and whisper defeat that we finally can see the stream of light coming through the door cracked open nearby, in a direction we previously had our back turned to, that helps us discover and own our greatness.

I went to Tampa last year to be a Panelist at an event and connected with the host, David T Fagan, who wrote a book called “Cracking The Icon Code.” When he signed it he told me to start at ‘the humility myth.’

“It’s the belief that if you just work hard enough, eventually someone will recognize you, appreciate you, and even pay you good money” for all that you have to offer, and yet that just isn’t the case.

People are interesting.

We all want what we need and are willing to pay for it IF we establish the value it will bring us, our ability to pay for it, and our likelihood of actually using it. As a Membership Coordinator at a gym I get to see people weigh up these factors on a daily basis.

The same is true in my own business, except I did I really silly thing. I left a job I didn’t love in order to build a business I hadn’t got enough clarity around to build fully, and yet in the end I’m getting there just the same.

You are too.

My ‘getting there’ just got filled with a good deal of self-doubt, frustration, overwhelm, and delays because in order to walk others through the Hero’s Journey I had to venture into the lowest depths of my own internal high rise of emotional awareness so I can relate to people from all emotional states.

Depression is the loss of hope and I’d never went there until the last year which totally rocked my socks off and left me barefooted, raw, and ready to relaunch with a clarity I had previously lacked. I think that was a key reason for my committing the sin of humility in business.

Don Miguel Ruiz refers to sin as anything that goes against yourself and building something without understanding why you’re doing it or who will benefit once you have is the greatest sin in the business world going, because if you don’t know who you’re here to serve, how will the people that need to hear from you know you’re the Guide they need?

All that time I thought I knew and thought I was ready I wasn’t. I was playing in a game someone else told me was the one I wanted to win and I believed them. I bought their image of greatness instead of the one that had been whispering for me to pay attention from the depths of my Soul for years, and what I know for sure is that taking these veils off bruises your ego.

What I also know is that a quilt is stronger when it is patched up, or a shattered mirror becomes more difficult to reshatter once it has been glued back together.

That was the process I’ve been going through these past few years and it took having the security blanket of a relationship removed in order for me to find the needle, thread and pieces to create the flag other soulfull seekers will recognize and choose to guide them on their path through their own transformation.

I used to think humility was about deflecting compliments because you already know how great you are, but what I’ve learned is that it’s usually a guise to protect us from our own greatness and the threats that come with rising to the top.

No one hires the expert in the ivory tower because they don’t know where to find them.

Over the last several months I have come down, and learned about the reality that most people live in. How different and difficult to adjust to that was at first, and at times continues to be, however what a gift it has been to understand the foundational principles that many people live by.

I have been the one to get in my own way for years and now I’m finally ready to say enough. That’s what this 21 day experiment is all about. Honesty, humility and authenticity without minimizing all I’ve done to arrive in this present moment with the wisdom and insights I have gained from the courses, experiences and encounters I have had during my first 30 years.

Humility is over rated but it has its place too.

Our job is to figure out when to use it and when to just acknowledge and accept our greatness.

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton

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