Day Seven: Missing Machu Pichu Gained My Self-Respect


Machu Pichu is a spiritual hot spot and one of the world’s historic demonstrations of humanity’s ingenuity. I was supposed to have already been there.

My ex regularly donated money to a charity he supported and we found an organization that worked with altruistic donors to support their charity of choice AND get to participate in cool adventures in the process.

Machu Pichu was the destination we chose and in the end, he went (at a later date than we’d originally planned) and I moved back to Canada.

My getting there had nothing to do with me or what I’d done to contribute to making it happen, other than my choice in a partner and that rarely sat well with me.

I’ve always wanted to earn my place where I wind up and in that relationship I rarely did.

Missing this trip was an exercise in self-respect because giving it up meant giving up everything else I had during that chapter of my life. It was a lot to give up for many reasons but in the end I am glad I missed it.

Timing is everything, and your travel partners in life matter.  Neither were ‘right’ back then, but both were perfect for me too.

Giving up this trip was proof to myself that I could not be bought.

I remember in University I dated a guy whose family started what has become a renowned winery in the Niagara area and one time while we were talking to I told him I’d never be a winery wife who put my own dreams on the back burner to make the family business my primary business. He’d never asked me to and was offended I’d even suggest it, but in both instances I proved to myself that money was not enough to keep me somewhere.

Self-esteem is like a bank account and every time we act against our highest good we draw from it, every time we make a hard choice that honours ourselves we add to it.

Missing Machu Pichu was disappointing but I wouldn’t change it for anything because I know when I actually do go, I’ll be able to stand amidst the ruins, with the Condors flying overhead, knowing I got myself there.

Knowing you’ve earned something feels wonderful, especially when it involves visiting one of the wonders of the world.

Whatever your ‘Machu Pichu’ is, remember that no one else will respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Accepting someone’s generosity at the expense of your self-respect is not worth it.

Love yourself enough to walk away, regardless of the jewels and gifts you’re being offered, if respect is not at the foundation of the exchange. You’re worth that much, and even more!

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton

PS. This is Day 7 of 21 Days To Journey Through The Soul-F.U.L.L Warrior’s Quest. The prompt of the day “write something about a time you missed something – good or bad.”



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