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Empowerment Coaching Calls for PEACEFULL INNER Warriors

January 18, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Life is not easy and learning the path ahead from someone who has been there and done that can be invaluable which is why these calls will offer a teaching as well as question and answer periods that will also involve asking questions to draw out answers that you may not have accessed before being asked.

Socrates said “the quality of a man’s life will be in direct measure to the quality of questions he is willing to ask himself” and the same bears true for us as well.

Every other Monday evening we will therefore come together for an hour and a half to discuss spirituality, soulfull questions and solutions to what is currently unfolding that will also help more than just us, though will also help us know that when we were called to take action, we did.

This will be a membership community for those committed to their dream and to making sure it’s actually theirs for we often walk the path to someone else’s dream and when we get there we don’t understand why it doesn’t bring us the amount of joy that we expected it to. The truth is that energy vampirism is very real and people do it with other people’s dreams all the time. Don’t let anyone suck out yours by feeling like you have no one you can safely talk about it with.

I’m imagining the image of being your metaphorical dream Doctor with natural medicines that I hope to share with you as I use them for and on myself and others.

Excited to be finally working with clients one on one on a donation basis at this point to ensure that you have skin in the game and that I am able to help more people locally with the resources I procure from my efforts. We must care for our people and help them feel safe enough to understand alternative perspectives so it is our response-ability to help them see a totally new science fiction type movie that is unlike anything they’ve ever paid to watch, except it is similar to so many plotlines we aren’t sure whether we’re watching a movie or experiencing deja vu.

I have a story about that, and many other things that we’ll get into on these calls so I look forward to having you ask your questions and share your perspectives in a respectful way that honours everyone holding space for you to have your say without being judged.

I am looking forward to coming together with you and if concessions are needed to make your participation possible that’s no problem. If you’d like to discuss participating in the course on intuitive truth telling I’ll be running in February then be sure to join in to this group coaching call with an intended outcome so we can more easily reach your target.

There’s a big difference between being a lighthouse and a laser focused one.

Let us not lose sight of our need to connect with other great players of the game!

Love and blessings wished your way,

Laura JEH – Namaste


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