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Lawfully Organized Summit ft Jacquie Phoenix

January 14, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Jacquie Phoenix was personally mentored by the late David Robinson through the process of seeking lawfull dissent from a treasonous regime that is being called to account for their choice to uphold orders contrary to our Divine nature as sovereign beings & travellers of this world.

Magna Carta 1215 included a “people’s protection clause” under Article 61 that gave Barons of their own lands (and souls) authority to take a stand against a treasonous government if said leader was not responsible enough to lead and put the needs and lives of the whole on the line to ensure their own comfort could be better enjoyed.

We will be gathering to go through the process of personally doing our part to reclaim sovereignty over our own person and providence too on Thursday, January 14 from 4-6pm EST.

What I learned from calling 9-1-1 to report corruption in the system which pays the players’ pay cheques is that we get crushed as individuals if we don’t make friends with our environment and learn the rules of the game quickly. I also learned you don’t try to let the controllers know what you’ve got planned, and yet if we don’t gather we don’t grow awareness so I hope you’ll choose to come and get more informed. Jacquie and I also did a podcast episode last year that you can view here too: https://youtu.be/eTiS-HANYko

What I know is that we acquire wisdom in 3 ways: by experience, from instruction or reading of theory, or by gaining mentorship from ones who are further down the path than we are.

Jacquie is a Canadian citizen presently in the United Kingdom doing freedom rallies and speeches at town halls like in the ancient days where word of mouth gatherings were the only way to gain access to reliable information. And as insane as it may sound to say we are now reentering those times and must become more aware of how our intuition speaks to us so that we can filter all the information coming at us.

We hope you can join us and will be open to taking action towards demanding personal responsibility from those who thought their positional power, prestige and influence¬† kept them out of the Gladiator’s pit where a game for one is life or death for another.

It is only due to our privileged North American upbringing that we think Canada is too civilized for the Roman collaseum days to be anything but a reminder of our savage history, and yet once we actually realize what has actually been happening behind closed doors we will be horrified and thrown onto the emotional spectrum that only goes in two directions. One is down from boredom into the pits of depression, despair, powerlessness and grief while the other begins at contentment and soars upward to peace, love, joy, knowledge, empowerment and freedom.

As we learn of the lies that have been unfolding around us we must understand that cognitive dissonance will make some things hard to believe and yet that doesn’t make them any less true.

Let us get lawfully organized and take our power back from the ones who bought their own lies and B.S. so hard they even convinced themselves they were right and now are being called to account for their choice to betray their word (and people) and use the pen as their weapon to deceive and abuse those in their care.

“It was my job” is no longer a good enough answer when the cost was people’s lives and livelihood. Because whether you see how your choice impacts those who are in danger of the consequences of your choices or not, it doesn’t change the negative karma you will accrue for going against your instinct to love and nurture and instead to kill or torture.

We are at a time in HuEmanity’s history where we are being called to take a stand for what we believe in and I hope to heaven you believe in your own worth or you’re going to struggle to believe in a virtuous system. But that’s why “Practical Lawfull Dissent” is meeting with Empowerment for soulfull seekers and those ready to embrace more of your potential. We hope you’ll be able to join us!


January 14, 2021
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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