Experience Not Required: Better Questions Matter More

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Truth can hurt when we encounter it for the first time in a while.


We can’t afford to surround ourselves with people pleasers and small thinkers when we are here to grow into better, more refined versions of ourselves. We must remember that who we surround ourselves with is a huge variable in who we will be able to see ourselves to be because if the stretch is too great, so much so that we’ll have to leave our friends and loved ones behind in order to reach our dreams, we will often sabotage ourselves unconsciously.


In order to reach the heights of self-actualization, we have to intentionally connect ourselves with others who are willing to work on the inner game and who will hold the space for us to find answers to questions they are willing to ask for our benefit. Good people can be hard to come by but even if much of the world seems jaded and out for themselves, there are still people who genuinely want to establish win-win relationships with the people they encounter.


These are generally the ones who have realized that the fastest way to change our outer experience is to shift our internal emotional state to a higher frequency (better emotional state) and self-awareness is the key to energetic management. Demystifying our inner game helps us to understand where we are mis-directing our Time, Energy, Effort, Attention, Money (T.E.E.A.M.) so we can change, stop, continue or start behaviours that are out of alignment with who we choose to be.


Getting clear on what we want now that our former life is no longer available is one of the fastest ways to reach higher levels of self-awareness because if we actually know what we’re looking for then we can feel great when we find it.


In the 1970s a man named Timothy Gallwey tested his “Inner Game” theory of coaching and hired ski instructors to go undercover as tennis instructors for the summer and rate their client’s levels of improvement based on their questions-based coaching. What they found was that even though the instructors didn’t actually know much about the game, they were asking their patrons questions that had them engaging their game from a new perspective and getting better results for it. This proved that to be an effective coach you don’t need to have the best answers, you just have to be willing to ask the right question that helps them find an answer they weren’t previously aware of.


You don’t need first hand experience to help someone improve their game if you understand how to ask quality questions and actively listen to the answers.


Space is a sacred gift that we often take for granted by filling it with things that don’t matter at the expense of things that do.


Life is full of space but when ‘our time is up’ the space our soul occupied will suddenly be vacant and that will be the end of us.


One of the things we struggle to comprehend is how the Soul can weigh nothing but mean everything.


How can something that weighs nothing mean so much?


These are the things that matter the most and that’s what is such a hard truth to swallow.


The biggest decisions are the ones that we’ll have no evidence of, but they’re the ones that mean everything in the end because of how they make us feel and who they help us become in the process.


My heart strings are being pulled now as I think of my Grandparents, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister in Law, Nephew, cousins and friends who I could be sharing time with now but am choosing to be alone to write this message to you instead. I am happy with my choice because I believe in the importance of sharing the insights I feel we need sacred reminders of in order to come back home to ourselves and our heart centre.


It’s also a reminder that everything is a choice that is either helping or hindering us and we get to choose which way to go.


We are each very unique individuals with our own visions, purposes, goals and plans that we must strive toward for our own sake and the sake of the collective we belong to, remembering the size of our dream is not the point. It’s the fun we have in dreaming it up and striving toward it that counts, so why are we trying to dull the pain of the process so much when that’s the part that helps our soul grow the most?



While love is not meant to be conditional, there comes a point when we have to love ourselves enough to put space between us and someone who is hurting us should we find ourselves in that kind of situation. The problem is that we don’t have the ability to separate ourselves from the greatest punisher of them all: ourselves; that is until we train ourselves in self-love.


It’s a basic principle that cannot be overlooked when creating a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Practice to honour and respect ourselves and is exactly what a small group of individuals will be doing with me each Tuesday from July 9-30 at 7pm Eastern for 4 weeks (BONUS Q&A Call on Saturday July 20 at 12pm too). Alternative arrangements can be made if the dates don’t work but you want on the waitlist for an online or in person workshop or course.


It is time to place a responsible Leadership Team on the Soul throne of our I.N.N.E.R. Kingdom’s Throne Room and we are the only ones who can choose a responsible leader to lead ourselves. It requires a choice, commitment, and compassion that will stretch the limits of love in ways we weren’t aware love could be stretched.


I haven’t been on the journey you have been but I have been on one that stretched my self-image and tested my self-esteem to near breaking points and, like you, I survived every one of them and learned some tricks, techniques and tips I’ll be happy to share with you where relevant. For the most part however I’ll be asking you questions that help you go deeper into yourself to find answers you hadn’t known to go before.


That’s what Guides into the Mystic Realms, like me, offer… a general ‘What To Expect Guide For Your Soulfull Quest.’


To know who you are at Soul level, where you’re blocked and how to reprogram yourself for better results, then apply for a reading today or schedule a Discovery Session to create a custom coaching package to help you reach your goals.


Finding out who you are at Soul level means you have insight into why you do things the way you do them from a core level. Isn’t that a massive gift to yourself, in the end? And so much fun in the mean time!


Much love,


Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. In a culture that often connects through our wounds and problems, it’s time to shift our connecting point to a higher level. Knowing who you authentically are makes it easier to say no to something that doesn’t offer a benefit worthy of the cost. 

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