Feel Heard and Respected (PLUS AFFIRMATIONS)… DAY TWENTY FIVE of 66


    I went to visit my Papa yesterday and he wanted me to meet one of the other patients in his room who I spoke to for quite some time, just giving him space to speak and be heard. Being a coach is valuable like that because with training to be highly attuned to both what is spoken and unspoken, conversations generally reach a depth that everyday conversation doesn’t. 

    He shared some of the painful stories he’d experienced through his life that have made death a reunion he’s looking forward to. I reminded him that he’s still here now for a reason and a few other words of hope and encouragement that he appreciated. Above all, I suspect just being listened to that way was enough for him. 

    Shortly after this conversation, he started having severe heart pain and I ran to get the nurse.

    I stood at his feet with my hands on each one hoping to help him ground the energies and have the warmth of love as his foundation, making sure to ground the energies so I didn’t get fried in the process. He said it was helpful and started to settle down after the nitrogen shot kicked in. 

    I’ll find out how he made out when I go in today but I couldn’t help but think of the heart opening that had been done with his sharing and feeling heard. He said he’d been having pains all day so I was glad to know our conversation hadn’t sent him over the edge, but maybe it did.  

    Many people aren’t used to being listened to and seen for who they really are. It’s vulnerable and challenging at times but having a skilled guide to lead you through it will make a world of difference to your experience of transition and change.

    In just over two weeks, on November 24 from 1-4pm, I will be co-hosting an event in London, Ontario with another guide to provide women with a space to be heard and seen through a combination of teachings, group discussions, and intention infused movements lead by an Intensati Instructor I am excited to be partnering with for this workshop. 

    She sent me a number of affirmations to practice and one that feels relevant for today is:

I am accepting now

I am free now

I surrender the past and step forward confidently

I accept I have the power to choose to drop the old for the new

I am worth it today and I am taking action

    What I know for sure is that those who attend are in store for some profound awakenings and expansions in awareness and I can’t wait. 

    What I also know is connecting yourself with people who are willing to pay to get in the room with guides who can enhance their journey will make all the difference as to how fast you’re able to reach your next level of awareness. 

    Write this affirmation out and repeat it to yourself throughout the rest of the week and let me know if you’re ready to get in the room for this powerful workshop on November 24. I’ll look forward to helping you unwrap your own greatness further from there! 

    Much love, 

        Laura Jeh – Namaste

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