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The SMART Hare

‘The Hare Virus’ was a destructive computer virus that infected executable files along with the master boot record of hard disks and the boot sector on floppy disks. It activated on August 22 and September 22, 1996 and erased the hard disk in the computer while displaying this evil on-screen message:

HDEuthanasia by Demon Emperor: Hare Krsna, hare, hare

When information about the self-assembling nature of the graphene (hydr)oxide nanoparticle component of the experimental jabs became public news within the freedom fighting community in 2020, around the time when I randomly stumbled across this computer virus’ description, it struck me funny in a JOKER type of way.

I sensed its significance from a micro-macro perspective.

In a Universe that operates based on a holographic theory, micro and macrocosmic versions of everything led me to question whether the discovery of this evil hare virus corresponded with the instruction to ‘Follow the white rabbit’ and its symbolism within Alice in Wonderland. Many will say the symbolism is reflective of the chemical compound referred to as ‘adrenochrome’ which is oxidized adrenaline (epinephrine) due to extreme fear, terror or pain at the time of extraction which leads us to the dark and generally avoided rabbit hole of trafficking people and animals.

While that is a piece in the bigger picture being told in the Ode of L’auralease, why this computer virus most concerned me was that it served as a template for the popularized concept of ‘the cloud’ that I felt connected to the movie Scarlett Johansson starred in called Lucy about an unwilling drug mule who develops an intense relationship with a pricey synthetic drug that helps her access 100+% of her mental capabilities and get revenge before disappearing altogether.

So if the nanoparticles do function as self-assembling city-like structures inside the blood stream then could it be that alleged ‘memories’ from ‘the cloud’ could also be intentionally dropped into the consciousness of those over-polluted by inorganic components that transport corrupted messages within the cells unless checked.

Dementia and other ‘brain fog’ related issues are often caused by too much energetic, metal and chemical residue build-up in the brain that can be remedied with detox protocols and rewiring the neuro-networks of the brain.

I questioned if the hare (computer) virus was an early form of testing for a brain wiping and clearing campaign in tandem with the attempted roll-out of SMART cities, making the Demon Emperor reflective of the Dead Entities Mentalizing Only Neurosis the empire has on hand within the 5th generational warfare we’re currently enduring.

A Surveillance Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology (SMART) city is an infrastructure framework that addresses growing urbanization challenges by embracing integrated and automated information and communication technologies to help optimize all city operations, help achieve sustainability goals and better quality of life for its citizens. It sounds great in theory, so long as you’re willing to comply with orders that may be harmful to your own well-being or that of others that goes against your personal values.

HDEuthanasia seems like ‘High Definition Euthanasia’ and Demon Emperor is the Dead Entity Mentalizing Only Neurosis that scares us into either compliance or disobedience.

Secret Societies Masquerade Publicly

The Fabian Society uses the symbol of a wolf in sheep’s clothing to reflect their propensity to hide amoung the flock until the opportune time arises to reveal the truth about their identity and the nature of their intentions. Yet the very nature of a secret society requires freedom of expression to be limited so outsiders are left in the darkness.

Members get to feel ‘in’ on the secret while outsiders are left disadvantaged and guessing from the sidelines.

Many of the ‘notable’ people throughout history have belonged to some form of secret society that required pledges, oaths and contracts of allegiance and sacrifice (through tithing) to an Overlord that governs all in their realm under their rulership. We weren’t told about the hidden connections that most notorious players of history have had with players who assisted or interfered with their plans. And that’s because we were taught what to think instead of how to do it or why things have been done in a particular way up till now.

Some of these societies were teaching the supremacy of fundamentally flawed ideologies, we have been sold the story piecemeal, from a variety of vantage points that kept us from seeing we’re using different terms, meanings and packages to describe the same energy.

Now is our chance to recognize how the writers of history were commissioned to portray ‘His’ version of a story that uses people for the sake of profits, while appearing to profit those acting on its behalf. This has created a divide between us and the illusionary ‘them’ that is really just us wearing different suits that bestow power to those who take power from others, in the corporation’s name. It’s time to consider which craft we’ve developed special eyes in that can see the truth and lies within a corrupted system that consumes men and women and converts us into consumers which is the metaphoric suit we’ve become most accustomed to.

A NEW Status Quo

Introducing a REAL standard or new status quo means changing the spells able to be cast during the tail end of the Certificate Of VEX Identity Death-AI experiment of the COVID-19 Pandemic that was always designed to become an endemic we just learned to live with.

Yet I do not believe we can afford to be people who agree to remain under the control of a psychopathic and sociopathic ruler using confusing agendas to target the consciousness of our youth and steal power from those willing to invest energy in a cause.

If you don’t know what you stand for you are more likely to fall for the latest gimic, fad or initiative that feels fun for a short time without actually improving the world around them. Which was precisely the cast for most of the victims who got caught up in the Witch Hunts, Trials & Burnings.

The Outlanders

I’ve watched the first season of the Outlander and the last episode was about a witch trial of the main character who had healing capacities that a spiteful and jealous girl in town played her like a fiddle by sending her a note as if it were from someone else who was a known witch in town. Both women ended up being from the future and had their own missions as to why they were send backwards in hi-story to live during the times her husband in the future had told her about during their life together before she was transported back to those times to play the character before that version could be.

It’s a great series and I’m up to the final episode in the first season.

Papa pretends he doesn’t enjoy it and wants to flip off to something else after an episode or two but I just sit down every once in a while to watch them and he naps until he sits with me to watch the episode I’m on upon his return to the room.

Many people don’t want to see the outlanders or outsiders succeed or be integrated into the community because there are many people who can’t let go of the past in order to be present in the now.

The more we elevate the more we change and grow and meet new devils at higher levels with new neighbours, higher rent, better air quality and reduced noise from street level.

It’s time for the misfits and fringe dwellers to weave society back together one community based relationship at a time.

We are powerful beyond measure and it’s time for us to recognize just how much influence our life has on those who see us living our lives and actually loving life.

Become a Patreon

I have had a Patreon account for years but haven’t been mentioning it because I haven’t been charging for what I’ve been doing for years. Not since I got locked up under the Mental Health Act which is the modern day witch hunt legalized and normalized and then the world was hit with the Pendemic that was written by the hands of men and women.

Notice is a vital part of acting honorably and knowing how to generally put someone on notice in their private capacity to take their suits of status, titles, personages and personhoods on as the personas and masks we wear in society.

I’m creating a group coaching schedule for the fall with mastermind group offerings on FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW and the Ode to L’auralease which is going to be released October 14 at a live (private) event in Bowmanville. Details to be shared only in groups or in the emails I send subscribers – leave your details on the home page and make sure to confirm your email to receive the sequence set up already and the live messages I send along the way. These are incredibly exciting times to be alive and I am grateful that I get to be me in this life!

I hope you are saying the same about your own life and if not how could you bring some more meaning into your life?

Start there and everything else will seem easier from there!

With love,

Laura jeH – Namaste

PS. I’ve been creating a lot of video content recently and while I was writing this blog I got two new ones uploaded that I think you’ll want to check out so I’m including links to both here for your convenience 🙂

And if you haven’t checked out Patreon yet you can go see the journey I went on to get to this point with years worth of gaps that can be accounted for if the stories are cared for to be shared. + Know how appreciated you are!

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